Posted by: mrrx | December 28, 2006

Mad Harvests and Sales

Huehueteotl : 90% XP.    After blasting through several Antonica quests, he once again braved the dangers of the Thundering Steppes, this time with success.    Ran around the first gnoll pits over and over and over, doing as much harvesting as possible.

It wasn’t that easy.     A harvest bot was out there.    Either a bot, or a very quiet and rude player.     He was stealing nodes from me; tells went unanswered.     He moved like the bots I’ve seen operating too.    After the third node steal I abandoned all tact and just stole nodes from *him* when the opportunity presented itself, although this also ended up with me making a mistake.    A third player entered the area and I stole his node.    But I apologized and he wasn’t too miffed.    Mr. Bot stayed silent though.

This went on for a couple of hours.   Eventually, after grabbing a stack plus of stones and woods, along with 32 or so of the 40 harvests needed for Dusty Blue Stone, had him gate back to Nettleville and begin crafting.

Ding 21 carpenter.     The low-level writs are more than enough to get you a level at this stage, and the faction points are nice.    Strangely, even though I’m a carpenter what I’m doing is making rugs and clay pots.    Hmmm.

Tezcatlipocca : Got a rest given that characters from 1-60 are getting the bonus, and not him, 20% XP until the end of the year.     Still, did have him run around for awhile in Steamfont and complete several quests, just before gating back to Nettleville to deal with selling.   1,361 quests.

Boy, can you sell collectibles for good prices or what ?    I have begun playing the buy low, sell high game with various collectibles I have a good handle on and made way too much plat doing so.    I also grabbed a bunch of collectibles from Huey and managed to sell one for 3 plat.    The amazing thing is, I appear to have undersold this as one is now on sale for 30 plat.    Yikes !     We’ll see how well it continues to go doing this, but could it be that I’ll manage to hoard enough funds to actually – *gasp* – buy equipment ?



  1. Bots are so frustrating! I used to report them among other things until it became a bigger pain the rear to report:(
    Yeah it is crazy the price of stuff on the broker these days. You can roll an alt and have a few plat the first day. In the beginning it took me months to get a few gold.

  2. 30 plat eh? Must be one of the rare EoF collection pieces for the ‘super rare’ collection that gives you a pair of goggles to find even MORE super rare collections that give you house items, awsome looking house items that most people (like myself) would do almost anything for. Like.. pianos. Chess boards (even though there’s a faction for that one), incense burners, etc. /swoons.

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