Posted by: mrrx | December 22, 2006

Buying Collectibles, and Platinum

Tezcatlipocca : 42% XP.    Tez made his way to Butcherblock, renounced his faith in Quellious (You didn’t keep me safe from the books kid !) and got started on the Solusek Ro deity questline.

The first quest was just a tour of Norrath, just as described elsewhere.     Light a bunch of fires in various zones.    Ran, ran, ran and eventually completed it.     Got the second one started but no progress; for that I need to harvest fire stones.

Completed several easy quests in Butcherblock, harvesting timber, killing aviaks, killing beetles, and visiting various NPC’s which gave me a better feel for the zone.    Then I found myself at the broker.     A scan of prices showed a surprising low cost for the “Badge” collection rare, so I bought two of them, one for Tez and one for Huey.

Apparently this is why I don’t make any money – I hoard my rare harvests, sell my commons, consume collectibles, and never go out and farm greens.       Then again, I can’t really farm greens.     The time I manage to kill an especially weak green heroic, it gets a special blog post – I just can’t do it.

Something I’ve been looking for intensely is a lost soul – the uber rare collectible, apparently, of the Desert of Flames expansion.     And one was for sale tonight – broker price 3p 60g.    I hesitated.    That’s way to much money – nobody will actually buy it at that price will they ?

It was gone an hour later.     Someday Tez needs to go shiny-hunting in Living Tombs.

1,353 quests.    Moved up to #18 on the server and #41 mystic worldwide.

Huehueteotl : Today I bought plat for Huey.     It was a bit of an impulse buy, but $12.50 for 1009 gold was hard to resist.     I hate the thought of spending Tez’s hard-scrabbled funds, but ten bucks was a lot easier.

I feel weird about that, what with all the hate directed at RMT, Station Exchange, Farming, The Bazaar.     It wasn’t a hard decision – plat has depreciated against the dollar in spectacular fashion; when I came to the Bazaar 1 plat = $10.      Today 1 plat = $1.50 or, obviously, sometimes less.     Between my increased in-game earning power and the depreciation, it wasn’t a hard decision.      Other than the morality component.

I worked my way through the broker again, buying collectibles.     I still limited myself in what I would spend, but bit the bullet and bought some pricey stuff.    After this, though, he’s done.     When I’ve blown this plat I’m doing the turnin no matter what.     

I’m surprised how much fun this is – the anticipation of getting a bunch of levels all at once.     You get *one shot* at something like this, which makes me hesitate about turning things in.      But I also want to level my wizard and get my carpenter going.    And that tension right there is very enjoyable.

Several additional high-level quests got completed, along with some more bones and the Faydwer Badges.      I was going to keep going, and count how many, but I started getting sleepy.  I logged immediately – last thing I wanted to do was wake up and wonder “I paid HOW MUCH for a Cracked Barbarian Bone Fragment ” ! ! !



  1. Yikes how did I miss this post!

    Hrms. I think the whole buying-plat thing would be huge huge issues for me, I couldn’t see myself doing it — but. I don’t play on the bazaar server, nor do I really care about money too much. I never sell my rares since I craft, I horde them and then craft pretties for all my alts. But if I am low, I will on occassion sell my entire bank worth of rares, which adds up over time. What can I say, I harvest far too much, lol. I love that we can check on our profiles and see how many rares each character has harvested.

    Congradulations on all of those levels! It sounds like it was fun and well worth it!

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