Posted by: mrrx | December 21, 2006

Top 4 Improvements

The recent Producer’s letter asked for some more feedback about where the game is headed.     Here’s four things I’d like to change the most :

  1. Document Combat.     This one got a whole blog post, and my own incomplete attempt.     Really, only you guys have the ability to do this.
  2. Get EQ2Players working.      Clearly, you’re working on it.    This is good.     But you’ve got something completely unique and special here, don’t let it take too long to fix.   Your competitors might be copying you already.
  3. More quests please.    In-game, this is one thing that really helps EQ2 stand out from the competition.     You can’t have too many quests.     Would be nice to see more quests added “because we need more quests”, like the Sayer’s Outfitters quests et al were added, and not as an adjunct to some other event like Frostfell.     I recognize that questers will never have “enough” quests, but a year and a half is long enough to wait for something to be added.
  4. Character Slots.     But this gets a separate post tomorrow because of the complex nature of the issue.

I was thinking about adding these items I’ve previously asked for.

  • Get rid of no-trade loot.     One of the big reasons I don’t care much about items in the game is because I know I’ll never see most of them; I’m not going to play the raid game.     And the raiders can’t even sell me their loot.     Please, let them.    But there’s not much reason to worry about it anyway; I’m far too big a cheapskate to actually pay for expensive items. 
  • Track broker prices.    I sold a stack of 50 stonehide pelts; what did I sell them at again?     The broker should remember and default in my last price used.  The broker sales tab serves this well enough.     You still need to do the math, ie, if you sold 5 stonehide pelts for 30s, how much do you price them at ?    6s.    


  1. About no-trade loot. Raiders in fact do sell them, they invite others to their instance and they can claim the no-trade items after an exchange of coin etc etc.

    However. Speaking as a fairly steady raider myself.

    I think it’s a bad idea to let the loot become tradeable, and sell-able on the market. Why? Because I worked dang hard to get that piece to drop. If you’re not in a raid, working for the gear yourself, then why should you be wearing raid gear. Yes, I realize this is a pretty selfish perspective since not everyone can devote the time and effort it takes to get there. But it’s a reward for those of us who can. Take that away, and what’s even the point of doing the raids, any joe or marry can be decked out in the exact same gear as you and didn’t have to work at all for it besides making the coin required to buy it, which come on, is not that difficult in the long run.

    I like to see a difference between the raiders and the casual players. Even if I didn’t raid, I’d expect there to be a difference. Loot in WoW that’s bind on pick up seperates people, loot in EQ1 that’s no trade seperates people, and while it’d be nice to think we should all have equal opportunity, there are just as many nice rewards out there for the casual player (legendary instance set gear, relic which drops pretty commonly from the ‘easier’ raid zones).

    Anyhow.. /end rant! 🙂

  2. LOL I guess I should have written that in there. The other reason I struck that suggestion was roughly for that reason – notrade gear gives raiders the chance to be uber, and that’s a big part of why people raid. Raiders need love too.

    Still, coin is not that easy to come by unless these things are selling really cheap. Just how cheap do they sell these looting rights ? One plat ? 5 plat ?

    I’ve been after wealth forever in this game, and I only had 80 plat before I started blowing it on collectibles. To me, coin is in fact *very hard* to come by, thus I’d never blow 10 plat on the Adamantium Breastplate of Uberosity.

  3. With you 100% on character slots! I have 8 characters now and do not know what will happen if I drop back from Station Access. I will be back looking for your post on this topic!

    I am starting to get back on the quest horse myself. I am not so interested in a lot more one-off quests, but more story/long term quest paths would be nice to see. I like the quests that take me places over time.

  4. Coin is easy to get. Harvest, broker the rares. T7 rares sell from 60g – 2.5p on my server. And if you don’t want to harvest, play the broker game — buy low, sell high. I did that some with alkali loams back when I was done with them and you could still make money by buying things in Qeynos and selling them in Freeport.

  5. Erm, actually they sell the loot rights (on my server, I’m really not sure how others work, I assume it happens everywhere) from 15p-50p depending on the piece. Relic gear is typically 15p, some of the new fabled set gear that’s rotting in Emerald Halls is going for 20p+

    I also agree with you 100% on the character slots. I have gotten / given up station access so many times now.. and it’s always do to my (frequent) urges to start a new character.

  6. Another “how to make coin” example…. poets palace is a very easy duo / solo zone at level 70, and drops in a week perhaps 3-4 masters that easily sell (again on my server as an example) for 20-50plat each… the level 52,55,58 ancient teachings, as well as the 58+ “rare” spells that are so hard to come by these days. Any raider will pay a huge amount for these spells, for very very little effort. I think I’ve gotten it down to about 40 minutes to clear the named from the zone. Granted I’m not doing it for coin, I’m after my rare masters lol.

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