Posted by: mrrx | December 21, 2006

Does this dress make me look fat ?

Huehueteotl : Despite spending an ungodly amount of time buying various collection items – with the emphasis on cheap items – I didn’t manage to complete any more collections.     Rats.

The Echoes of Faydwer quests are insane.     There are a large number of them, and one item in each collection is “rare” and used in two different collections – the easier one, and the “Expert Recognition” version which only uses rare items from the other collections.     Everyone wants to complete this too, because it gives access to a special set of shinies for even more collection fun.

Huey won’t be finishing any of these, but it’s going to either cost Tez a fortune or he’s going to be spending a lot of time digging for shinies.      Each item costs from 1 – 40 plat on the broker last night.     Snort.

Tezcatlipocca : 41% XP.     Frostfell is here, and another “possession” style quest is available in the zone from a gnome named McScroogle.      The quest is an amusing, funny way to spend some time in the Christmas spirit, even if you’re in Everquest2.

I spoke to the goblins of Frostfell Past, Present, and Future.    The Present wasn’t too interesting – Tiny Tim and his family needed help with their house.      Frostfell Past, now, that was funny.     You knew things would be interesting when the goblin tells you “Hey, we’re on a budget here!”.

This part included dialog with my gnomish lady friend who I might have married.      I’m going to have to do the quest again just for the dialog available; I was nice to her until the end, but you’ve got the chance to say some very mean things to her.      I was laughing my @$$ off at some of the choices.      Still, I told her she looked fine, and not fat, but I got dumped at the end anyway.      Kind of like real life; the only good answer to the question, is not to get asked it in the first place.    That was some funny stuff.

Future was just plain annoying.    The combat was easy, but really unneccessary.     If I can’t get any XP, coin, items, kills, or quests off of it, I don’t want to kill it.    The maze took a long time to get through, but the tried and true formula of “always go right” eventually got me through, where I found out I’d die alone someday.      Thankfully, there was an escape hatch so I didn’t have to go back through the maze – I climbed a nearby tree, jumped over a wall, and got out very quickly.

Also grabbed a Gigglegibber quest requiring travel to EOF, and completed two more collection quests.       This should give me a total of 1,344 quests but EQ2Players is down at the moment.



  1. Glad to see you’re enjoying some of the Frostfell events, instead of doing the EoF version of the Gigglegibber quest, I decided it’d be easier to grab the KoS version (less people, easier mobs), worked out great!

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