Posted by: mrrx | December 20, 2006

Peacock Completion in Sight

Huehueteotl : A quick check of the brokers netted him two more collections.      Still, not ready for the big turnin.    I want more !

Tezcatlipocca : 37% XP.     Spent quite a bit of time dealing with Punja’s Progression.     This is the quest with level 58 ^^^ named tomes.     Managed to find three people to help me get past it.    

One fellow had to log before I could pop the tome I needed; I had no idea it would take so long.    The other night, I cleared the placeholders once and it spawned, but 8 clearings later this session and no tome.      He logged; but that’s OK.     Grabbed another guildy and started helping him work towards the zone.

He had internet troubles.     I guess even guys who double and triple box have those.    Poof and he disappears, and ten minutes later I figure he’s out of the picture.

Finally I managed to have both help and luck, recruited a friendly stranger, spawned the tomes, and completed the quest.     He also had to leave afterward, but gave me a hint on how to start the Wrapping It All Up quest.

Afterward, had to collect pine cones and kill easy placeholders to finish off the quest.     I’m now ready for the last step of Peacock; but to get the quest i need to pass a 59 Epic x2.     Either need my level first, or some help – get someone to feign death pull the epic to let me sneak past.

Did the Undead of Ro catalog (very easy now that I made the Silent City grey), dealt with selling and logged off.     1,341 quests.



  1. Wow, good luck on the prismatic 2! Hope you post bunches of screenies when you get it 🙂

  2. […] Tezcatlipocca : 42% XP.    Tez made his way to Butcherblock, renounced his faith in Quellious (You didn’t keep me safe from the books kid !) and got started on the Solusek Ro deity questline. […]

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