Posted by: mrrx | December 19, 2006

Questing, Collecting, Crafting

Tezcatlipocca : 30% XP.     Tez started things off with a log-in-and-join group in Sanctum of Scaleborn, and got some nice XP off of it.     They were very fast, but hostile to quests unfortunately.    Made it all the way to the second floor down, and got the Uneasy Alliance quest started.       Did not, though, figure out what to do for the next step.

The very first thing for Uneasy Alliance is to find a stone chest.      It’s not marked on EQ2Maps so I’ll have to research a bit to find the thing.      I got some vague directions that it’s beyond the fountain room – if I could figure out exactly which is the fountain room.

After the group broke up Tez knocked around some sentinels solo.     He can fight his way through the Mouth very easily at this point.      Going deeper is not something I want to have him try though, they’re all ^^^’s or ^^ duos.

But I got a scare afterwards – rumors of a Godking raid.     And here I am not finished with the Peacock series.     The raid was just a rumor, but it reminded me that I want to be ready when it happens, so off to the Silent City to work the quests.

Finished up Confirming the Right Track, An Offering and a Peace, and Time for a Garden Party got started.      Finally, I get to see why the Silent City is a city zone – so far I’ve seen one “screen” of the map despite Living Tombs having four.    So I moved on to map #2.      And I get another “wall access” quest called Punja’s Progression.       I can’t work the Peacock until I finish this new quest, to climb a wall and explore the zone further.

Unfortunately, I need to deal with a named book called the Enigma of Ice.    Despite using all emergency wards and a miracle, I still got killed by this grey book while bringing it down to 40% or so.        Sigh.      Decided I would ask for help tomorrow and logged.

Got 2 points into my Smite AA.     The timer is set so that it takes exactly the same amount of time to use the AA as it does to use the spell.      The AA, with two points into it, does more damage than the spell at Adept III and is a shorter cast – allowing me to fire off even more spells.     So the AA Combat Art line is a winner and I’ll be maxing that stuff without a doubt.      I have maybe 22 points in the Shaman line that will not be added to until the mystic line gets maxxed.

The odd thing about the combat arts is……… they’re going to require their own hotbar.    The arts have no range so they’re most useful soloing.    Grouping, though, will require the spells.      It’s looking like I will open up a fifth hotbar of all things on my screen.

1,338 quests, still #19 on the server.

Tlaloc : Ding 52 provisioner.     Cooked up all his trouts; he’s now making Caiman Steaks which are cheap, white recipes, and should bring him to 53 where better recipes lurk. 

Huehueteotl : 99% XP.    Almost 21 – but I decided to hold off on the collection quest turnin.

I mentioned I was going for the massive XP gain turnin in guildchat, and a guildy noted that I would probably not get as much as I was hoping for.      Undoubtedly, I need more stuff first before doing this because I’m going to get one shot at it, and I want it to be a big splash.    The big thing will be to somehow get more bones, especially weathered bones which cost 25g+ on the brokers.

Still, Tez gave him an insane amount of plat which he used up a lot of, and got started on several other quests.         It finally happened – I started spending all this money I’ve saved up over the entire course of my EQ2 career.

Also went ahead and soloed some more with Huey.    It was fun – using the roots, hoping they a)stick, and b) don’t break, nuking until root is gone, running back and redoing it all again.     I’m liking the wizard.       And of course, I can’t adventure any more with him until I resolve this collection thing.


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