Posted by: mrrx | December 19, 2006

Goodbye Ogaming

Some things I just had to comment on :

Goodbye,     That link now sends you over to Allakhazam.      I hope that the information is the same, but the presentation on Allakhazam just *blows*, with a nauseating sea-foam green, and bad search options.     Still, all the info is there, and free info is always good.      The EQ2i site is also bulging with quest info.

Test notes from December 18th indicate that green quests will soon be giving AA XP.     Rejoice!     I’ve gotten a bare handful of AA’s from quests, because doing a quest while it’s blue is an exercise in impossibility.     Green now, that’s a different story.     Quests will now show up as grey once again, but all this denotes is a lack of AA XP reward.    You’ll still get normal XP and item/coin rewards from completing them.

Now only if they’ll show the feathers when things are grey, I’ll be even happier.



  1. I will miss Ogaming’s EQ2 site. I found it much easier to deal with than Allakhazam’s.

    I can deal with the color, but the search and presentation is just… well… it would have been fine back in ’99, but in this day and age it just causes rage… to be a bit poetic.

  2. I am exceptionally sorry to see ogaming switch over to allakhazam’s, there was a reason I stopped using that site, the information was never up to date. I find ogaming slipping down the same path now, and if I want good information I find myself heading over to eq2i instead. Allakhazam also had some issues a few months back (I forget if it was their WoW section, or even EQ1) where they were putting virus’ on others computers through pop up adds on their site.

    I have /feedbacked the idea of letting us see feathers for grey / incompleted quests so many times now, for those who love to quest it shouldn’t matter if it’s a level 4 quest, if you’ve yet to complete it why not let us see the feather. So far, no responce, but maybe some day! As far as letting us get aa exp for green quests, well. I’ve been running my level 23 to every zone I visit lately, parking them at the entrance so I can mentor for quest turn ins. What a huge difference in aa it’s made. Where I’d gotten 2-4% for a quest on my fury, I’ve gotten 12% for the same quest on my illusionist.. Glad to see they’ll be bringing that into play.

    Happy Frostfell!

  3. Ever since EQ2 ogaming and alla was bought by gold pharmers, this was an inevitability that they would be combined. I personally have used them both very sparingly since then. I prefer EQ2i, it is a nice site.

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