Posted by: mrrx | December 18, 2006

A Tale of Three Groups

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 69.      One level to go.

The weekend was dominated by Tez’s effort to reach 69, and work the Claymore.    Managed my first group which was a trio – myself, pally, and DPS.       Into and past the Mouth of the Sanctum, we headed left and reached the animator’s room, and knocked off one quest requirement after another until I was finished.

First the Tome of Rikantus was animated above an anvil inside the zone.    To get it to help me animate the Shade of Bylze, I needed to bring it quills and blood from four builders.     We took our time and knocked them all dead, then dipped the quills inside the fountains contained within the room.     This step was less than obvious – I had a hard time highlighting the fountains but eventually got it and was ready for the Mouth of the Sanctum.

The group played well, but the others got tired far before I did.      Myself and a wizard then managed to get a group of six going – templar, myself, three wizards, and a shadowknight.      Finished off the Soul Survivor quest first at the Shade of Bylze.

We headed deep into the Sanctum and made it to the froglok room, where after a quick hail I received the Keys to Trust quest, and the group wiped when our tank forgot to wait until I was in-range to pull mobs.    Ouch.      Things broke up afterwards which was unfortunate; the Trust quest is a simple matter, finished up inside the froglok room, assuming the named you need pops in there.

Got a third group going next session, anything but a conventional group.    Had a 69 warden who played our tank, with a necro and conjuror rounding things out.     The four of us did amazingly well, with me warding whoever needed  help along with maintaining a group ward as much as possible.     My debuffs never hit so often or so well.    

After a long slog we made it inside the froglok room, with the named standing there just waiting for us.  I guess we were lucky.     Apparently he usually involves a long camp.

Afterward I went along with the rest of the group deeper into the Sanctum.     Recruited a troub to help out and we discovered the second floor of the zone.      I know where to go for the next quest – An Uneasy Alliance – but was unable to get the quest, because my next step is to hit up Lady Erillis at the Hidden Refuge.      We dove past Xhorozz and eventually found ourselves standing in front of a forge.

A forge ?     I suppose this is the forge for Thorn of Old.    I’m not at the part where I make the combine on this quest, I still need Gylton who is somewhere in the Sanctum, but who I haven’t found yet.     Unfortunately, our warden failed the combine, but he bound himself there and will hopefuly get it later.

After finding ourselves a trio of Warden, Necro, and Mystic, we pressed onwards to the north, trying to reach a mirror that ports you out to the Tenebrous Tangle.     Killed an Exarch along the way, and got a lovely legendary shoulder item from him.      Got killed in return when we made a run for the mirror – our DPS would not allow a simple kill-your-way-in.

But afterwards, I spoke with the lady froglok and got the ding.     My new breastplate looks pretty good.      And after a quick repair session I logged out again inside the Sanctum hoping for another group to delve down towards Xhorroz.

The bad news – up to 1,336 quests but got pushed down to #19 on the sever, being passed by collection-item-god Vivid.     Well, good for him anyway, I’m going slow and kind of consumed with this leveling thing.

Tlaloc : Tiring of adventuring with Tlaloc – well, the limited fights that I got into with him – I had him head back to the crafting station.      70% provisioner XP, and he has a stack of Trout Oruzushi to show for it.

Huehueteotl : 25% XP.    Huey is closing in on 21 which I will have him do the conventional way.      I was having trouble getting my roots to stick, but my study of combat mechanics paid off here.     His subjuation skill (for roots) is very low, meaning lots of resists, so it’s time to have him use it as much as possible and bring up the skill.     This plus his need for XP got me to run him around Antonica, searching for cracked bones and killing what’s in his way.

I also had Huey work collectibles extensively.     Every cheaper collection on the broker is now sitting on him, just waiting for turn in.     I can’t quite bring myself to finish off the job, despite blowing 130 gold on the whole thing.      Thus, the desire to first get him to 98% Xp then do the turnin.     I’m also debating with myself whether to blow more gold and do more collections.       I’m really looking forward to a 10-level turnin.     

I guess that’s my answer – give him more money and finish off a few more.      There may be 5 more moderately-expensive quests for level 70 collections that will bump him up nicely.



  1. Ah good ‘ol SoS and claymore quests. Having completed the chain on my fury, and then starting it on my coercer (now illusionist) not so long ago, as well as my templar… I can say that I’m one of the few who is not utterly sick of this zone quite yet. I think I know it better then I know Oakmyst forest off of Qeynos.. *grins*

    Congradulations on 69, and the new breastplate!

  2. Unrelated comment. Just stopping by to wish a favorite blogger…

    *H*A*P*P*Y* *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*

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