Posted by: mrrx | December 14, 2006

Minor & Random Items

Tezcatlipocca : Finished off quests in Permafrost today and logged off early.    

The second I log in, who is standing in front of me but Frigidbeard.     Anticipating another amazing fight, I position myself and get started, but this time I had the strategy and tactics down pat and he went down without a problem.      Still had to autoattack him to death but it worked fine.

The statue quests culminate with blowing the Horn of Phrotis, which then spawns four giants who go after you and attack.      By this time, I’m a master of the autoattack and ward strategy and all four go down without a problem.      Headed to Everfrost for the turnin on Drayek’s Chamber, and logged off.    1,330 quests.

A couple of other random bits –

I saw Vox for the first time tonight.     Nobody was in the zone, so I think it’s like my commenter Silverstep said – she just spawns randomly.      She poofed too shortly afterward, but I did manage a screenshot.    I got sleepy too early and didn’t upload it, but plan to do so tomorrow.

For some reason I’m immensely amused by this comment – “Who are the mystics that stand out for being the best at their class?     I dont care about what crafting site they run or some uber questing mystic. I am talking about a raid mystic that is just wicked at their class.        He mocks my questing playstyle while acknowledging me as a master.     Thanks – I guess.    

I saw the updated version of this chart for the first time yesterday.       Like WOW hadn’t already blow the competition, business-wise, out of the water.     They’ve gone and added millions of additional subscribers, making every game except Lineage look like a joke.      No matter what Shwayder says, I predict all MMOs from here on out copy WOW hoping to grab some fraction of those immense numbers, rather than fight over the 100,000-ish people playing the “other games”, like Everquest 2.



  1. Haha… gotta love that mystic comment. I’ve started my own baby mystic, level 22, figured since I’ve got a 70 templar and a 70 fury it was only fitting that I made the 3rd type of healer there is out there *grins*

  2. I have a 32 Defiler myself 🙂 And um, a 61 Inquisitor and a 38 Fury. Scratch a bard and find a healer, I guess.

    Last I heard, WoW had 1.5-2 million players in the US (pretty impressive). The Asian gamers who make up the vast bulk of the WoW 7 million pay by-the-minute and don’t really represent 5+ million monthly $15 payments to Blizzard.

    Not to tarnish Blizzard’s huge success at copying the Korean MMO look and marketing it back to them, but I feel the WoW (and Lineage II) numbers should better reflect only those that pay a monthly subscription fee when comparing them to other games with that as their business model.

  3. Ah – that explains it. The graph is incredibly misleading then. He should do some division based on non-monthly fees.

    Each player obviously creates an account which is what that researcher’s counting. Then they actually pay Blizzard by the minute ? Or an internet cafe, which pays Blizzard based on how much connection time they have ? You’ve piqued my curiousity.

  4. I haven’t a clue. But think of this. How many games would you at least dabble in if you didn’t have to pay a monthly fee, and paid maybe three cents per minute? You and a bunch of your friends could go down to the cafe and do a dungeon or two in DDO, and the next night tear up Scholo in WoW, then try out some new game you heard of.

    Asian gamers don’t have to make the huge commitment to a game that Westerners do because gaming for them is a social activity, not something you do by yourself at home. I’d still have an active WoW account if I only had to pay when I played.

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