Posted by: mrrx | December 13, 2006

The Commander Keg Incident

Tezcatlipocca : 10% XP.     It all started innocently enough.     I did several statue quests in Permafrost, killed some Icegills for another, and started trying to pop more named giants for Drayek’s Chamber.      One was Keg, who is outside the castle close to the entrance to the zone, and two others were on the top floor.

I killed the placeholders again, and again, and again.      And as I run off from the third floor to check on Commander Keg one cycle, I get a frightful shock.     There’s a group of six players in their 40’s whacking away on him.

Damnation !    I’ve been camping this guy for hours, and these guys are stealing him away from me………….. or are they ?    They’re getting beaten !

Two impulses warred within me.     One, I always help out people I see in trouble.    And two, if they all die I get a chance at the very rare quest mob.

All five of them died.

I headed to zone in and tried to get into the group with them.      I asked three times, and got either no answer or strange ones – “We have a sixth and he is being weird” or something like that.      So I figure, the hell with it – I’ll take him myself.    I’m level 68 and can reach Keg easy before they do.     I have as much right to him as they do, and I tried to join their group.

When they hit the courtyard, I have him down to 60% health.    They start raining abuse on me.

#1 – Why are you killing a grey named mob ?

I need him for a quest.

#2 – Please don’t.   We want this mob.

I know, I asked for an invite.

#3 – You jerk!    Why are you griefing us ?

Been camping for hours.

#3 – Camping ?   What ?      You’re just being an asshole.

(The guy doesn’t know what camping is ?)

This went on and on for quite a while, with me unable to converse well due to fighting and all three of them firing tells at me – the insistent player #1, the polite player #2, and the dumb jerk player #3.    

My heart is pounding.     My fingers are shaking.     My pulse pounds in my forehead.    I really want to kill this mob – but I also need my concentration to do it.    Grey named mobs are no joke, and they’re yelling at me.    The whole situation is making me quake with nervous fear.    Should I yield ?    What if I don’t get another chance and they double cross me ?

Eventually, I give in.     Nobody wants to kill steal, and I judge the risk worth it.    The leader promises to invite me into the group, so I run them off (had Commander Keg down to maybe 2% health!     Still had to kill all of his friends though) and stop at the zone in.     I mentor down and we approach the big bad Commander Keg.

We get wiped.     Keg has a knockback and if you aren’t positioned against a wall, you get tossed all over the place.    Myself, and our monk, both got tossed into a crevice with the others simply getting killed.    Back to the zone in and rebuffing.

I clear the courtyard and get us ready for the fight, while unmentored.      We lose our brigand.      Four of us to take on a white-con named heroic quest mob.    Mmm, this don’t look good.

But I’m in luck – and shocked too.     They didn’t know he was a quest mob and thus won’t drop a chest – they were thinking they might get some metal out of the whole thing.     The entire Commander Keg Incident is a total misunderstanding all the way around.

I managed to talk them into doing the fight with me unmentored, and we manage to beat him with not much danger.     They thought about xp’ing with me mentored, but decided against it and all logged off.

I didn’t know I was only halfway through my drama for the night.

Gyrok Deepfreeze was up on the third floor, giant #4 of 5 for Drayek.       Didn’t look too tough – so I walked up and started whacking him.

I get knockbacked.      Directly across from Gyrok is a pit that Vox spawns in, if you know how to spawn her.      I fly through the air and into this pit and die.

Bah.     Let’s try this again.    I position myself against a wall inside a corner, and start whacking.     But Gyrok gets healed too efficiently for me to overcome; remember, Mystics are #23 of 24 in the DPS department.    I manage to run off the encounter and decide next time, go after the cleric first.

Well, going for the cleric is a bust.       All the mobs in the group are in a straight line.    By standing next to the cleric, Gyrok has a side shot at me, slaps me with a knockback, I bounce off the wall and find myself plunging to death into Vox’s Pit once again.    Argh.

Next attempt got weird too.      I got into the corner where I couldn’t get knockbacked, smite Gyrok, and wait for the rush.    After all the giants are surrounding me, I start targeting until I have the cleric, and proceed to burn him down.

Only problem being, after the cleric goes down, and I switch targets to Gyrok, I can’t hit him.   He’s inside the wall, and I’m losing power and health fast.    Frantic jinking around manages to bring him out of the wall – and me into range of a knockback.     Off I go, flying toward Vox’s Pit once again.

I bounce off the lip of the pit and find myself standing under a curved wall that surrounds the pit.    Yay !    No more danger from the knockbacks.      But now, I’m in trouble on a health/power management basis.     Two more minor giants go down and I’m out of mana.

With judicious use of the manastone, mana potions, and relying solely on my single-target ward, I manage to autoattack Gyrok to death.     He can’t penetrate the ward by himself, and I slowly get healed up to full as each one expires.     The manastone gives me enough power to fire off the ward as needed.      The whole fight took perhaps ten minutes – autoattack is slow, but at least Tez is built up as a melee fighter.    Well, as much as a mystic can get that is.

One more giant to go for Drayek, but I’ve had quite enough excitement for the night.       As I look back on it, it was actually a total blast.       And I’m very happy to sleep off the 1% XP debt accumulated.

1,326 quests completed.      Moved up to #19 on the server.



  1. What’s #24 least dps? Templar, I bet! (long winded continuation of comment deleted!)

  2. Hehe, the vox you speak of, who spawns on the platform in the main room once you leave the entrance (and if you look up, you can spot that long pit leading downwards) is actually a contested epicx4 and not something you work on spawning (just as a random comment to your post). I never had the pleasure of defeating her when she was a big ‘ol meanie in T5, but I remember watching the other raid guilds attempt her and bodies strewn across the floor as they learned the encounter.. permafrost brings back many many memories 😉

  3. […] The Commander Keg Incident, in which I battle the forces of stupidity, along with keeping my virtue by being a nice guy.     For added pleasure, there was a real fun battle in there. […]

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