Posted by: mrrx | December 11, 2006

Flare Reaper Woes, Quellious Quests, and Guild Raid SNAFUs

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 68, 2% XP.  

Completed the Quellious questline.    I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.     Only one combat encounter, the rest just involved reaching various places and meditating.      Cost me three gold and change to buy various items as well, from deep within various Qeynos zones.

The scripted event inside the cave for the final encounter was………. very peaceful.     You waited while the various NPC’s you interacted with during the course of the quest series all walked into the cave, and sat down on prayer mats.    A spider shows up and stops progress, but I had been forewarned about it.     If you right-click on the spider, you have an additional option besides examine and attack – Shoo.     So I shooed it away, and the main prophet Merrek shows up, gives his speech, and then the final encounter happens – A vision of Quellious shows up near the top of the cave and gives you your blessing and your cloak.

While I like the wisdom from the pet, the various miracles and blessings for Quellious are more appropriate for a healer trying to improve group performance, and I do just fine in groups at the present time.     Soloing, now, there’s nothing there with this deity so my switch plan is in force.    But not right away.     I’m wearing the cloak which displays the guild heraldry – it’s great for grouping even if its hate transfer abilities are useless when soloing.

Also completed several quests as I wandered in Butcherblock and Steamfont.     Bought two more beetles for over 50 gold to complete a collection quest; and got an AMAZING reward of under 50 silver.      That made me laugh out loud.       Have all but one kobold paw too which is nice.

Decided to check in on Lavastorm, and to my dismay, not a single flare reaper was up.    The area was exactly the same as I had left it; there was apparently no server reset, nor does anybody spend their time killing these things.      What a waste of a large chunk of a zone!      So I found a spot, started killing and harvesting, and eventually managed to pop some flare reapers.       With six to go, it got very late so I logged off.

1,321 quests completed, bringing me into the top 20 on The Bazaar.

Huehueteotl : Brought Huey to two level 20 guild writ raids.     Is that the right term ?     We all headed to Qeynos Harbor and got the Bold Confrontation from the registrar.

The first time we tried, we had Qeynos and Freeporters all in the raid; Freeporters can’t exactly waltz in to the Harbor.     So everyone headed out to the Shattered Vale in Antonica, where we discovered you can’t zone in to the raid from.     We headed back to the Harbor, but before I even got there someone goofed and zoned in at level 70.      So the raid was a bust at that point.

Try #2 was scheduled for a certain time.     Despite that, one hour and 15 minutes later we still hadn’t started.      I gave up after standing in QH for all that time.      Looks like the guild needs to work on its organization of raids.      At least, after doing that, I have an appreciation of why every raiding guild talks about mandatory raids and kicking you out if you don’t participate and all that draconian stuff – I bet you simply can’t get one going unless you say things like that.

Huey is getting stacks of collectibles from Tez and I plan to complete a very large number of them and turn them in all at once.     I’m hoping for that instant 20-to-30 kind of thing; partly because I’m more interested in him at a higher level and not in leveling him up, and partly because I just want to experience the damned cool insta-level thing I’ve seen and heard about.


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