Posted by: mrrx | December 10, 2006

Past 1,300

Tezcatlipocca : 96% XP.     Did a lot of grouping over the past few days, knocking my way through the Nest of the Great Egg again, along with Palace of the Awakened and Kaladim.    It was all fun, but the only quest that got completed was kicking the bird out of the nest.

Solo activities netted me some more.    I went through the tome collections in Enchanted Lands, finishing up four of them, and finding out that I am missing the rare pages for three or four other ones.     But I didn’t go on a killing rampage in there just yet – even completed one additional normal quest that I had missed.

Also worked Lavastorm for quite a while.    Worked is the word.    Flare reapers are not very plentiful in the open lava pit area just before Sol Ro’s temple.    The mobs are plentiful, but killing the wrong ones does not seem to net me many, if any, flare reapers on repops.    To my dismay, it looks like it’s best finished on a get-what’s-up basis.    12 more to go, and I’ll just have to keep returning and picking up a few at a time until it’s all finished.

Got started again on Quellious, and made it up to quest #4 of 5.    I have a pet now that increases my wisdom, which is nice.    Too bad he won’t last too long – after I finish the quests I plan to renounce my faith, and move on to Sol Ro.    The Quellious quests are fun, lots of running around and meditating, not the normal challenge found in the game.

1,313 quests at the moment, bringing me to #48 worldwide and up to #21 on the server.    With any luck today’s activities will push me up to the top twenty.


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