Posted by: mrrx | December 6, 2006

The Prophet, Rahotep, and Broog Go Down

Tezcatlipocca : 46% XP.       Logged in, and looked at my quest journal.     I always look at it in “current zone” mode.    I’m tired of all the clutter in there – there are just too many zones I need to visit to close out quests.     So I got started on that, and headed off to Sinking Sands to work Ancient Desert Power.

The Prophet is an ettin you need to spawn at the “desert madman temple”, right over by the arena.     To spawn him you must clear four groups of mobs then hope for the best.    I spent an incredibly boring hour doing this.

Now, why was this that boring ?     There’s no harvesting nearby.     I have no other in-zone quests, and the repop was fairly quick so I couldn’t run off and do anything else.     I just sucked it up and got him, guildies helped me quite a bit.      Much discussion of ridiculous things including catapults, frozen water, and proper English.     Umm, on second thought, never mind.

Of course, after he pops, I can’t kill him.    The Prophet is naturally a healer, and post-mitigation nerf he beat me up pretty good before I ran off.      But guildies heeded my call for help, and the next thing I knew not only was he dead but we had formed a raid ready to kill off the end mob, Rahotep.

The fight was a piece of cake, many level 70’s and some pick-up folks from the level channels.      I overhealed – the tank didn’t need as much warding as I threw on him.     Barely saved our ranger from certain death after he stole aggro.     Even without my deadly DPS, Rahotep went down easy.    For good measure, we all mentored down and took out Broog the Banished afterwards, and everyone was happy with the AA XP, while two of us finished off the HQ.

The reward might be useful, a one-handed healing mace, but I’m kind of stuck in the two-handed-spear trap that the shaman AA’s forced on me.    Ah well.

Next I headed off to Pillars of Flame, progressed a few quests, but I have three that require either help or reaching level 70.     The nagas at least, are most likely to require help no matter what; and the stupid fish I have to kill are in the same area as heroic 58 fish groups making it a level 70 chore.    Bah.

Picked up Djinn L&L and tried to start it, killed every Djinn on that super tall rock with no updates.     Maybe there are other places to kill them.

Called back to Qeynos and spent an hour dealing with selling and shuffling collection items among all my alts before logging.     1,297 quests.


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