Posted by: mrrx | December 5, 2006

Tri – Grouping and Lightning SOW

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 67, 39% XP.    Yesterday was pretty much about groups.

Started out getting an invite from a quiet guildy and ended up doing the Nest of the Great Egg.     The zone has a big boss who you actually have a quest to kill – I sure wish I had known that *before* doing the whole zone.    But, like I said, he’s very quiet but very capable too.     We got some good XP and did well, and knocked the baddie flat.     Have to do it again and finish the quest.

Second group was inside of Nektropos Castle The Return.    This is a 50-ish special zonein on the Nek Castle entrance.     It was pretty fun, and the group was mostly after AA points which I got in abundance – ended up with 3 new points for a total of 4/5 in my SOW ability.     

For whatever reason, as we powered through the mobs, there was some resistance to mentoring down to make everything grey.    I didn’t get that personally – the AA’s are nice but I was there for XP.     There are no quests inside of the zone.       And we couldn’t have gone faster if we tried.    I even stood there, not contributing, on a few pulls because I simply wasn’t needed.   Eventually I talked them all into mentoring and we were all happy.

Lord Everling was supposedly an Epic X2, but he must have been nerfed at some point because he was a single group mob.    He went down very quickly.

I next decided it was time to start with deity quests.      Planning on Brell, but want to do all the deity quests naturally, and I decided to start with Quellious.     The starter is easiest to find – right at the top of the path from the Butcherblock docks.    He had me run around to various locations which is a piece of cake for me at this level.      And, as I was trying to find the path in to Steamfont, I got my third group of the night.

Kaladim is filled with kobolds and bugbears now, and we fought our way into the entry area.     That was as far as we could get with a bunch of high 50’s, me, and a 70 shadowknight.    The mobs are *tough*, and respawn very quickly, but the XP was good and discovery netted me an additional AA point.

With five points invested, I am now the proud owner of a 50% run speed SOW, allowing me to move at 60%.     Retiring the carpet at last, and very happy with this nice change.    Talk about a way to make the Journey Is Half The Fun quest trivial eh ?

1,295 quests.     Almost there.



  1. I started my own mystic on the SoW upgrade path with AA points based on your comments. I did not want to buy yet another mount, so that was a great alternative!

  2. Grats on your SoW. Of course we bards are MORE THAN A LITTLE MIFFED that we are no longer the kings of speed, being surpassed by shamans and furies. I top out at 56% run speed. NOT HAPPY.

    Not your fault, though.

    I’ve done the Inny quest for my main, Dina, and halfway through the Brell quests with my necro/jeweler. Inny was dead easy, no fighting required. Brell hasn’t technically required fighting yet, though in completing the D’Vinn’s Throne Room instance you’ll have to fight at least the key NPCs that drop the… well, keys. And plus Crush at the end.

    Good luck 🙂

  3. Wait a sec Tipa – do you top out at 56% from abilities ? Remember, my runspeed at 60 is 50 from SOW, and 10 from Jboots.

    So couldn’t a bard then get 66% with Jboots and still be the king of speed ?

    I’m at least as happy with getting off the carpet as being very fast – the carpet bounce is an incredible annoyance to me.

  4. 56% is with jboots, I’m at 46% without.

  5. You got shafted all right. Bards should be faster than anyone else.

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