Posted by: mrrx | December 1, 2006

Blaze Bats and Spawn Trouble

Tezcatlipocca : 87% XP.     That kind of sucked, but I’ll save why for the end.

Finished up all my Solusek Eye quests.     The efreet were not a big problem, and the little kill-stealers caused minimal troubles.     Despite wandering the tunnels and killing both the Soulslavers and the Servants, got not a single efreet L&L body drop.

Final quest inside the zone was blaze bats, the last mob needed for Plans Gone Batty.     I still needed eleven, and this was a difficult mob to finish off.      The only place I could find them was on the level with the teleporter; you cross a bridge to an elevator which takes you to the final level in Solusek.    The bats hang out around that bridge.

You’d think it would be a straightforward thing – wait a while and the mobs, if not there, will repop.    I never did figure out the mechanic, but it wasn’t that simple.   I killed every giant on the level waiting for the flamers to repop but they didn’t; and I waited over 40 minutes, which should be plenty of time.       So I played around with alts, did work, and relogged into the game later.

Got another nine when I logged back in.     It was jackpot time – the bridge area was covered with them.      Only needed two more; ran up and killed some efreeti, ran back, and got one additional blazer.

Then I noticed that they might be above the bridge, yet simply out of reach.     I had one targeted, but out of range, and it flew up and disappeared.      How am I going to get this scumbag ?     This is the *last one* that I need !

I ran up to the bridge above, which is the “cinder bat” bridge.      And there he was!    Except he was again, high enough to target but too low to engage.    God, I wish my dog could fly and engage him, but no dice.

So I tried a risky strat.      I jumped from the top bridge to the bottom, smiting the bat while falling, and making sure I would land on the bridge.     It didn’t work – the fall killed me.      This despite maneuvering myself to scrape the wall as I fell down.

I finished the quest the only way I could – I stood there, on the glass bridge, staring up into the shaft and targeting the little booger every time I saw him, until my smite button lit up and I let loose.      And that was it for Solusek – although I still need to progress Speak as a Dragon by going to Nagafen’s Lair.

Headed out to Lavastorm and got started on Vulcanu Slayers.    They spawn just on the other side of the dragon tunnel.    Managed to get 19 of them through two spawn cycles, and I needed 20.     Just have to wait a little while until more of them spawn.

I harvested.      Yaaawwwwnnnn.     I should go to bed, but just one more mob.     He’ll pop anytime now.    Maybe I’ll just sit still and wait.


I wake up at 4:30 am, get an hour and a half real sleep in a bed, and sit down and write this.    Bah.

1,280 quests.      Slowly moving up the ladder.


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