Posted by: mrrx | November 30, 2006

The Weirdest Questing Session Ever, or “Gnome Ghosts Stole My Mobs!”

Tezcatlipocca : Finished off some more quests.    The Blacksmith quest was a strange one.     You are asked to kill 8 blacksmiths, but the catch is, they spawn or a named spawns in their place.     The nameds, strangely enough, spawn half the time with a long time until respawn.      So you end up killing the two nameds, in order to get the placeholders to pop.      If that’s not the weirdest quest mechanic I don’t know what is.

The Bastion of Flames access gives a very nice ear item which I’m adding to my growing collection of “group gear”.     The bottleneck was finally solved when I walked the glass bridges, found another Thyr Mage at long last, and this time the giant had the efreet bottle.        Did a few more steps, then headed up for Efreets.

I then had four different quests requiring me to kill efreeti, with three specifically efreeti soulslavers.      The bottom of the first elevator has a large room with gnome ghosts and efreet, so I stood there and got started.

And what happens?   The gnomes start to steal the efreet!     Suddenly a group of the gnomes would spawn and high-tail it after a nearby efreet and kill him.     Little jerks.      They just aggro on everything don’t they ?

So I’m in the strange situation of intervening in the fight.     I blast away at the gnomes, to keep the efreet alive.      I can almost hear his, “Thanks, that was close!” reply, while I rest up and regen.     And next, of course, I take on the efreet myself and kill him.

I managed to complete the efreet quests except for Lore & Legend, and have 20 of 30 for a kill-quest.      Have the spirit update for L&L so maybe I can buy the parts; but I suspect they will be pricey if they’re available at all.    I’m also now a “Champion of Drednever”, a new title I decided to try on.

Found another cave with ember bats.      And with a bunch of gnomes.    Naturally, the gnome ghosts are stealing the bats from me too.     I cleared the cave of gnomes then managed to kill enough bats to finish off this part of the quest, and just after killing the last one I ran away from angry gnomes on my tail.     I could just imagine them yelling after me – “OMG j00 suk !     R mobs get lost kthxbye”

I need the blaze bats, who I saw flying over a specific bridge in the past but who do not appear in any numbers during this session.      May have to camp them for awhile, I have 4/12.     Hopefully, one more session and I can finish everything but Efreet L&L.

1,278 quests.     Leaderboards are updated, and I’m #23 on the server.     Should be safe at that spot, with my next move up at 1,300.     #50 mystic worldwide.



  1. “I could just imagine them yelling after me – “OMG j00 suk ! R mobs get lost kthxbye” ”

    ~ Best, quote, ever. That made my night 😉

  2. I love reading your posts mate. Excellent once again. The gnome / dwarf mobs were a pain when I did that one. I remember it well. I’m now on 1268 Quest. 2 highest Paladin on the Server, and 172nd World Wide. Overall I’m 69th on Server and 1570 World Wide.

    Keep up the work and the blogs.


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