Posted by: mrrx | November 28, 2006

Starting Splitpaw

Tezcatlipocca : 80% XP.        Managed to talk a level 35 guildy into working on the Splitpaw adventure pack.

Started out by zoning in using the terraporters scattered across the Thundering Steppes, and when mentored you can get the key from the chest that gnoll.     Opening the chest then fuses your shard, with another shard you find inside, and you can now enter the Splitpaw Den.     Or at least, that’s what the quest text tells you.

Turns out you need to zone in to Splitpaw Upper Tunnels.      I think that was the name, but I’m only 90% certain.     There was a strange bug at work when my duo partner and I tried to zone in.      I got a single choice, and when I tried to zone in, got the message that I must be at least level 45 to enter.

Him, on the other hand, he had three different choices.      He only said so much, but I believe we zoned into the Upper Tunnels based on Ogaming spoilers.     The problem is, I read the spoilers after getting frustrated with the Upper Tunnels; supposedly I need to traverse them in order to get to the Lower Tunnels, which is where I really want to be.     Wasn’t marked on my EQ2Maps.     Argh.

Managed to complete two quests inside, and grab two very valuable Splipaw collectibles.     These things are on sale for 20+ gold each.      

Had to kill an absolute ton of heroic mushroom men; the only way we could do it was for me to unmentor and then I smashed em.      Also spent a lot of time running around the zone trying to figure out puzzles, and really I was in no mood to do puzzles.     I’m just trying to get to a place I can camp in and work on the gnoll faction I’m supposed to get.     Despite looking everywhere, I saw no place that looked like a zone out – I believe I missed it in that the final room of this “backwards C”zone, had one more exploding wall that then gave access.

Died four times inside.     Died twice fighting, once falling, and once jumping into a pit of aggro mobs while mentored.      Never did figure out how to use this plank – you have to use a plank to finish the mushroom quest, and you have to turn it.    Thank God for my duo partner.

Sure hope I can get in there now and camp myself inside.     I hate bugging people to do things I should be able to do myself; he was enthusiastic about the group at least.     I suppose we’ll see.

1,275 quests.    


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