Posted by: mrrx | November 26, 2006

Saving Solusek Soles

Tezcatlipocca : 72% XP.     Worked Saving Soles after killing many a fire giant and finally getting my key to drop.       Next step was to deactivate every spire, which was a simple enough matter of just running around Lavastorm.     Next, had to kill the Magolemus.

Was very fortunate to be in the exact place at the exact right time, and be in between household duties as well.       In ten minutes the Magolemus was dead and I had my update.

The next step seemed like it was in reverse – reactivate all five spires, and then had to speak to Tazgar.    Tazgar asked me to kill an efreeti, so three guildies all headed off to the Bastion of Flames to finish this quest.

Now this step of Saving Soles was poorly document in Ogaming.     What you discover is, the Bastion of Flames is a genie bottle.     Think “I Dream of Jeannie”.     The catch is there’s a specific event to work around through the whole thing.

First up, you activate a pad in the center which will make four bottles appear inside the room.      You take one person, a healer or someone who won’t move, and have them stand in the center of the bottle/room/zone.      This person (me, in this case) then runs to a bottle, activates it, and runs back to the center.    The rest of the party stays on the lip/edge of the bottle.

The reason for this, is the bottle fills with lava.    Strangely, you can stand inside lava in EQ2 as long as you don’t move even an inch.    So the people on the lip do not get their feet in the lava, fight the efreet, and kill it.    The guy in the center just does not move, in order to survive.      After killing the efreet, the lava disappears.

Rinse and repeat four times.     After #4, a platform descends from the top of the bottle, and the center person again activates it and doesn’t move.     This spawns the efreet that you actually want, and you kill him for the quest update.       Everyone gets on the platform, and goes up to get out of the zone.

Everyone but me got killed several times doing this quest.     You can’t move at all; I didn’t touch the mouse for that reason, maybe that helped save me.      Ran back to Tazgar and bingo, got my nice little efreeti boots with Flowing Thought 5 on them.      I now have two pieces of gear to wear when grouped up.

Also managed to work many quests in Solusek, and complete a few of them.     The fallen miners were work because the other monsters in the dungeon keep killing them.    The firelords and magmite golems were too few, but a couple passes and they all fell.     Caught the occasional scorched ember too for an update.

Got going on the Bastion of Flames access quest too – got efreet updates, which leads to a whole list of giants needed to kill for the next one.     I got every giant except for the giant mage, who is a reclusive character only found along those glass bridges.     Never saw more than one up, and none of them gave me the update.

But with full bags, had to call and log.      No update for the next two days.     1,273 quests, but slipping on the Bazaar ladder to position #24.


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