Posted by: mrrx | November 23, 2006

Finishing Lost Legend

Happy Thanksgiving ! 

Tezcatlipocca :  


Spent the evening on this one quest.     Was very fortunate actually; I logged in and found one of the four nameds (Speaker) right in front of me.     Headed to the Castigator’s room, and that was two down in a few minutes.

Spent an hour or more camping the third one.      Crana was difficult to find, and of all things the elevator you use to get to his area defeated me.     We looked, and looked, but could not find the activating button.    Eventually I found it (on the nearby door of all places), and after slapping my forehead I moved down to his area.     Took two pops until we got him.

The final named was up top, had killed his placeholder earlier in the evening, and the named was there – Oz-something.    Finished off the quest with a sigh of relief.

Spent some time Thanksgiving morn collecting quests and getting ready to do some serious Lavastorm/Solusek work.     Now have every Solusek Eye quest, except the gnomes – I gated out to buy the language primer and I’m ready to start them – and am started on collecting all the Lavastorm quests.
Quest count = 1,262.


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