Posted by: mrrx | November 22, 2006

The Long Legend of Lavastorm

Tlaloc : Created 100 pu-erh teas for nice experience.     It’s a grind but I want to clear out his bags.       But couldn’t keep at it for longer as the quest itch needed scratching.

Tezcatlipocca : 55% XP.      Since I started out in the Barren Sky, I made my final turnin for Water Water Everywhere, and started and completed a pillow quest which follows it.     Not many guildies were on tonight.     So after scanning my journal for something to do next, I settled on finding Solusek’s Eye.

Little did I realize just how long that was going to take.

First I went off in the wrong direction – the Keeper of the Flame is a mob on the northern extreme of Nektulos Forest, and somehow I had an idea that he stood in front of the “back door” to Solusek’s Eye.    No dice.    I could find no entrance and nothing was marked on my map.

After sleuthing a bit on the web, and consulting with others in the game, we figured I needed to go through the rest of Lavastorm.     Last time I attempted to penetrate deep into this zone, I only made it just outside of the Temple of Solusek Ro.     So I started walking, followed a windy path with several tunnels, lots of lava, and various discovery experience.

Lavastorm really is an impressive zone the first time you see everything.    The deeper I got, the more it all felt exactly like something out of the Lord of the Rings.     Frodo!      Destroy the Ring !       I got to a large lava pool, and on the opposite shore was the zone in to Solusek’s Eye.

Immediately upon zoning in I get attacked by a bunch of grey gnomes.     Excuse me ?   Why are you little greys trying to kill me ?     Looks like they immediately go after any ghostly creature, and Nashville my shaman dog was pissing them off.      I killed the first few but didn’t want bad faction until I knew if it was going to matter, so I just killed my dog and ran the rest off.

Solusek’s Eye is also an impressive zone with nice artwork and a real epic feel.      It’s also HUUUUGGGE.      Due to EQ2Maps bugs I will need to crawl through it again, but after enjoying the scenery and searching for what seemed an eternity, I got to the level with the Chest of Tranix on it.

After completing this step you need to kill four named fire giants for the next update.     Great.    More grey placeholder camping.      15 minute spawns too.    Two of them at least are on the same level as the chest, so I started with those.     One round of PH killing didn’t get me an update, and I had to log at that point as it was extremely late at night.


Waiting on the Speaker to pop for Lost Legend of Lavastorm.

EQ2Players leaderboards, naturally, are back.      All I had to do was post about it to ensure it would start working again.        Moved up to #51 among worldwide mystic questers and closing among those ahead of me; #23 on the Bazaar with a long way to go to move up.     At the moment, then, I’m more interested in getting to that 1,300 quest milestone.      Currently at 1,261.



  1. Once you stop being his enemy, Ognit Eznertob in Sol’s Eye (you’ll remember him as one of the two gnomes that opened the Living Gate at the bottom of the Hole in EQ1 filling it with elementals, golems and undead) gives you a quest line that ends in the title Champion of Drednever, some decent items for the level, a nice house item, and a connection to the rest of the doomed Drednever Expedition in Bonemire.

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