Posted by: mrrx | November 21, 2006

Bad Singing and Great Guildies

Chalchitlicue : Ding 12.     Needed a break from questing so got the conjuror going and…….. found myself doing quests.    Heh.     Was nice to fight behind a pet though and smack down the little bugs and wolves.

Tlaloc : Ding 51 provisioner.     Still working through those tea leaves.    Wish I could just throw them away, but something in me just cannot do it.      Maybe I’ll have to do marathon cooking and just finish off the junk in his inventory, because I kind of want him to go adventuring again. 

Tezcatlipocca : 46% XP.    Started out by taking down carrion dregs, and decided to do Cazic Thule quests while I waited for the repop.      I couldn’t get my son’s Pooh-bear song out of my mind, but I managed to think up a twisted version………

Deep in the heart of Cazic-Thule
Where Xilarga the Champion Plays
You’ll find the enchanted neighborhood
From Everquest’s earliest days.

A swirling ooze waits to start the game
Acidic, and Crystal tooooooo
There’s Gorfuzod the Keeper
And Ux Uvaaaallll
But most of all the Heart of Fear.


Ouch – that hurt.     And the dog was just standing there watching ! 

Yes, the swirling ooze was up and so I fought the ring event culminating in the battle against the Acidic Ooze.     Tough fight, and lots of fun.     The three waves of oozes were difficult but not overly so, and the Acidic Ooze as the named came very close to killing me.    What a blast!     Too bad they’re grey mobs.

Did a few additional updates for the quest, and now need to gather four clay golem hearts, which will require mentoring down someone.     Wasn’t ready for that quite yet.      I think I already have two hearts but will have to verify that.

Also finished off the Screaming Mace.     The Keeper was tough but he was outclassed given my additional levels since the last fight, and I grabbed the mace and headed back to Qeynos.

Here I got a surprise.     The Forsaken dinged 40 earlier, so I checked to see if I could get my title of Lord, but I don’t have enough status earned yet to do so.    What a bummer that is.     Still, shouldn’t take too long until I can gather the needed amount.      My guild rocks – I can’t believe it took so short a time to get ten guild levels.

Hooked up with two very patient guildies, and talked them into helping me out with a few quests.      Dragon Bone and Egg gathering is now finished; there’s no way I could have done that on my own.      The drakes were thick, and my 70 shadowknight guildy managed a huge pull to clear one area so we could get to the treehouse area where two of the eggs spawn.    After all those drakes, we only managed to get one body drop which I already had; so I’ll still need to kill more of them to finish off Lore & Legend.

Two of us then headed to Barren Sky and finished off the writs for the Blacktalons before I logged off.     No matter what I said, I couldn’t seem to talk my SK friend into letting me help him, so I accepted his help and have to get after him to repay things.       Or just keep banging out the writs I guess; he wants level 50 as much as I do.

1,259 quests completed.


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