Posted by: mrrx | November 20, 2006

Old World & Achievements

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 66, 17% XP.     Spent time just clearing up quests in Feerrott.      Finished the book, which took the longest, and many other kill quests on the way.     The hardest mobs are also the easiest to reach – carrion dregs.    These guys spawn near the entrance to Feerrott but I can never find more than 3 up.     Have about 10 of the 15 necessary to finish off the quest.

Ultimately filled up my bags and then headed back to town, where I proceeded to buy almost every collectible for sale.     Some, I refused to buy – even I have my limit on how much I will pay.     Most though, were no problem, and dinged away on this activity, along with getting three achievement points.

The achievement points, now, are a bit difficult to deal with.     Based on forum posts with the really smart mystics, I am currently planning on doing buffs.     For the new achievements mystics get a Resurrection line, Immunities, Combat, and Buffs.     The long and short of it is the combat line is reportedly not at all effective.       If you were to use it, your DPS would go down, the exact opposite of what you’d be going after by selecting points here !    I may check it out myself and see how true that is anyway.

The resurrection line increases your effectiveness at rezzing people.    Yeah.     Like I care about that – rezzing is already efficient enough.      So that leaves immunities, which are possibly useful.     One way mystics heal you is by putting up a ward on you and letting it expire – the ward strength is then converted into a heal.    Will the immunities line, which ward against specific damage types, convert into heals ?      If they do I can see them being very useful.

The clearly useful line is buffs – your buffs get improved with every point.      The long-term buffs are a slam dunk, but the 30 second buffs are another story and high up the tree.    Anyway –  I used three points to get started with buffs and improved my Foretelling ability to give another 1000 points or so of HP.     Next up – an improved SOW which will get me off that fricking bouncing carpet and let me just run through the world once again.

Went into the Living Tombs again and finished the Hand of Stone quest.    Had to kill level 55 ^^^ statue wardens, greyed out mobs just one level outside of green status.      I killed them with no deaths on my part – I retract the complaint about being nerfed.     Looks like the increase in grey mob power was slight, especially if I can still solo them.     I’ll need help for the next Peacock quest, in the Silent City, as the starter is guarded by nasty looking green heroics.

Got into the Barren Sky next and found my writ mobs.     They are all on the Guardian Isle, accessible only from the Prisoner isle, and are blue ^ mobs who look tough to kill, or heroic groups.      Had help from a guardian friend and we knocked down several; unfortunately he had to leave before we finished.     Also progressed the Water Water Everywhere quest, and need to return to Barren Sky to finish it off.

There are three collection quests in Tenebrous Tangle, on the breeding grounds isle, that I’m going to have to have a group to complete.     I need dragon eggs, dragon bones, and some other collectible goody.      I’ll never do it solo – the drakes are thick on the ground and I can’t outlevel them.      Now that’s an unusual challenge for me – no longer can I just level to complete the quests!

I’m getting closer to heading back to the new world, but this was a solid weekend without looking at Faydwer.     Dunno why it doesn’t hold my interest, but at least my quest journal is much cleaner now.

1,250 quests for position #22.    Moving up again !


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