Posted by: mrrx | November 17, 2006

Back to Questing

Tezcatlipocca : 83% XP.     No luck popping Shakey.     Finished killing both lamias and corrupted brewers; still one step to go on Jorbo & Mappy and that is to take down 20 corrupted seamstresses.      These ones, of course, are the hardest ones to get which is the scary part.    I tried through three cycles to get one of them, then found myself sick of the whole thing and figured I would come back to Rivervale later.

Also tried running into Rivervale from Enchanted Lands every ten minutes for the repop, but it took too long to run.    So instead I took a tour of the Enchanted Lands to finish off three Bootstrutter quests, and 3 other kill quests inside the zone.     Also was fortunate to finish the book The Wall by grabbing the final piece on a ground spawn.

God, those books are hard to complete.      I looked up another one and two pages are no-trade body drops or ! harvests.      Not being in the mood to slaughter hundreds of greys either, I moved on to Everfrost.

To the lake by Permafrost, and to killing more currents and turbulences.     I thought it would take a lot longer than it did, which was nice – I managed to get out of the water and head towards the other side of the zone before logging for the evening.      These things also hurt me, and with them being level 48 I was concerned, but they were still almost no challenge.       I’m going to have to try a level 54 heroic and see how I do; if I can kill that then I can concede that I wasn’t actually nerfed.

I continue to be impressed by the nice “new” graphics I’m seeing – ie, high performance, one step below balanced.      Really makes me hungry for that new PC next year. 

1,233 quests completed.     Moved up to #22 on the server.



  1. Congradulations on being featured at for “news on EoF” .. My own site was listed there as well and was a pleasant surprise to see yours. 🙂 Us eq2-bloggers have to stick together ya know! /grins and hugs.

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