Posted by: mrrx | November 16, 2006

I’ve been nerfed !

Tezcatlipocca : Short session tonight.     Decided I was finished with Faydwer for the time being, and headed back to Rivervale.     The zone is very friendly when you can’t pay a lot of attention to the game and need to camp mobs.

I got further along in the Ingredients for Valetail Stout quest, and discover to my horror I need to pop Shakey again for that quest.    Bah.       So I worked my three quests in the zone, killing corrupted brewers (24 /30 now), lamia deathcallers (41/50), and trying to pop Shakey.

The new combat changes include a significant mitigation nerf for me.     At level 65, you would think a level 40 ^^^ would be powerless against my mystic.     You would be wrong.     Not that I was in danger of getting killed, but the thing actually hurt me and got me to 60% health.     Doesn’t bode well for trying to take on greys in the future – just how hard are those just-grey ^^^’s going to hit me ?     Of all the ridiculous things, I’m going to be even more hard-pressed to fight grey mobs.     Argh.     Still, some of them went down easy so maybe I’ll have to pay attention to exactly what’s happening there.

But on the bright side, I turned up the options a notch to high performance (instead of very high), and the game looks much nicer now.    Nice particle effects and glowing lights when you fight.     Two steps up to the balanced setting brought the game back down to a crawl so I won’t be doing that until my new PC next year.

Haven’t moved in positions – still #24 on the server, and 53rd mystic worldwide.    



  1. […] Went into the Living Tombs again and finished the Hand of Stone quest.    Had to kill level 55 ^^^ statue wardens, greyed out mobs just one level outside of green status.      I killed them with no deaths on my part – I retract the complaint about being nerfed.     Looks like the increase in grey mob power was slight, especially if I can still solo them.     I’ll need help for the next Peacock quest, in the Silent City, as the starter is guarded by nasty looking green heroics. […]

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