Posted by: mrrx | November 16, 2006

EQ2 Players Review, Round 2

Well the new EQ2Players website is getting more polished.    The more I look at it, the more I like it.

First off, check out the new “forum signature”

 Tez's Signature image

These look very nice.    The paperdoll is a great touch not previously available.

Second – The set of leaderboards is as follows :

  • Highest Hitpoints
  • Highest Power
  • Highest Average Resists
  • Highest Magical Hit
  • Highest Melee Hit
  • Hightest Heroic Opportunity Hit
  • Most World-wide Item Discoveries
  • Most Server Item Discoveries
  • Most Quests Completed
  • Most Items Crafted
  • Most Rares Harvested
  • Most Master Abilities
  • Most NPC Kills
  • Most Deaths
  • Highest Kills Versus Deaths Ratio

The dimensions of these leaderboards are impressive.      You can look for this stuff :

  • Worldwide
  • By Server
  • By Class
  • By Class and Server
  • By Class and Level Range
  • By Class, Server, and Level Range

So you can now answer a question as complex as “Who is the level 40-50 Mystic on the Bazaar with the most quests completed ?”.      The only thing missing is race.

All this info is summarized for you on your character profile page.    Well, except for level range.

This is an absolutely great service they’re providing now.     Well done guys !



  1. Is that just a static screen shot of your forum .sig? I was wondering how to carry them to other venues.

  2. No that’s the dynamic image that you get from the sig page.

    What you do is view the characters profile on, and under the character menu there is an option for forum signature. This is mine, not sure if that link will work for you or not.

  3. Actually, it turns out it isn’t working on the character I tried it with, my new Fae. All my other characters generate from the URL correctly. Odd.

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