Posted by: mrrx | November 15, 2006

EQ2 Players Revamp

Tezcatlipocca : 79% XP.      Hopped immediately onto the boat and headed to the docks at Butcherblock Mountains.     Did some exploring, finished off some quests, and even got one that I’m going to have to figure out.    

My immediate impression is it’s well done and very nice.     Was a bit strange not having a map for the zone; and by the time I ran the EQ2Maps update it was late and I was tired.    But the art looks good and the content seems well done – I’m way overlevel for Butcherblock of course so it’s harder to tell.

Oh My God, did they do a good job with performance.      Something core in the game art is changed, and the frame rate I’m getting jumped through the ROOOF !       Things were so much smoother on normal, and simple fights didn’t bog things down – it just happened and the jerkiness was gone.    The new touches with the hotbars are nice – when a spell has come back and can be cast once again, it gives off a flare effect to tell you that.     The hotbars look much, much better somehow, more polished.     I am amazed and gratified that the game runs so much better.

But – the expansion didn’t grab my attention.    I logged off after an hour or less.   Why ?    Any reader of this blog knows I’m a determined quester, and enjoy the chase up the leaderboard.    And EQ2Players was also revamped, not working correctly, slow, different, exciting, strange……… and I just wasn’t all that interested until I could get my quest leaderboard displaying.   

Now, they have a ways to go with this tool.    Not everything is working (server boards for instance) and performance is awful (probably because they still are working on it).    I did manage to get the server quest list once, somehow.    I got passed and am now #24.

The revamped EQ2players looks REALLY NICE.   Now I can categorize my accomplishments more ways –

  • Most Quests Worldwide – I believe I’m in 1500th position there.
  • Most Quests on the Server – This is my 24th position, the one I pay attention to.
  • Most Mystic Quests Worldwide – I’m in spot 53 for this one.    That was a surprise.
  • Most Mystic Quests on the Server – Woo hoo!    I am # 1.     Was NOT, however, able to view the leaderboard showing this.
  • Most Mystic Quests Worldwide 60-70 – Boy they aren’t kidding about giving us options!
  • Did I see a race option ?    I believe so.    I’m not certain.    But that could give me –
  • Most Kerra Mystic Quests on the Server 60-70.

The beauty of this approach is it gives everyone a chance to excel in some fashion.      It gives the hypercompetitive people their due, as the old version did, and allows those of us who want to have small accomplishments to find niches and dig into them.

The look and feel, immediately, didn’t appeal to me.    The more times I look at it though, the better it looks, and the more I’m becoming happy with the approach.     Things seem much more graphically oriented and more pleasing looking.     This is a tradeoff for needing to dig a bit more for info but that’s probably OK. 

One issue is they have changed the rankings page, and it now just shows relative positions.    Gone is the old page which told you  : You have 37,333 kills, 1,200 quests completed, et cetera.       Instead, you are in various positions.       I’m sure this is some kind of an oversight and they’ll get the information in there.     

But what concerns me is it doesn’t look like a problem with the update not being finished.    It looks like they just goofed and left it off.    The information is hidden deep inside the website – just find an obscure enough leaderboard and you can probably get your numbers – but it should be available on a character page.


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