Posted by: mrrx | November 14, 2006

Social Night !

Tezcatlipocca : 75% XP.     Spent most of the session just anticipating launch day.     Started out by working quests and managed to free up 15 slots in the quest journal, which should be sufficient to let me explore in Faydwer.       Killed bears, wasps, and other easy mobs in the Enchanted Lands, and camped those corrupted brewers once again (15 of 30 now).

Hooked up with my necro guildy (wave!) and together we headed to the Commonlands and confronted the Gobbler.    This thing is a 30-ish epic x2 which I have previously tried to solo in my 50’s and could not do it.     Between the two of us, it was a piece of cake.     Got a nice reward for the level from completing the quest.      We should have done the Windstalker Rumbler next, but instead we headed to the Sanctum once again.

After getting a group going (was very easy tonight), I finally saw what I needed to do with that coin operation quest.      The first room is the Mouth of the Sanctum, and has many statues high up on the walls, just barely within range of a nuke if you stand at the right angle.    So we cleared the first room and I looked to the ceiling and nuked.     After picking up all the scrolls, next step was to confront a named who I was unsure where to find, so we just killed things until it got too late and I left.

Had fun with our Fury who had never been to the Sanctum before, and who wasn’t able to make the mad dash successfully.     If you’ve never been, you walk through Tenebrous Tangle and come to a narrow path which passes a temple, then walk along the island edge to access the Sanctum of the Scaleborn.     You can probably invis past the mobs; me, I just run like hell and make a train.      Poor gal, no matter what she did she couldn’t get in, so I headed out and helped her run her way inside the zone.       Two wards and someone to point the way allowed her to get in without a scratch; I was beat up but I expected it at least.

Was also nice to hear from a wizard friend I’ve crossed paths with several times, but haven’t seen for months.    He’s leveled at around the same pace so I’m gonna have to remember him again.    Also hooked up with a tank I’ve grouped with a few times, very nice gal.   It was nice to be among friends in the game tonight.     Sheesh – I’m becoming a social grouper instead of a introverted quester.    Is it possible ?

But before logging – ran off to the Thundering Steppes dock, ready for launch night.     If I get to play instead of working late, that is.



  1. Sounds like you’re having fun, which is always great to hear about on people’s blogs!

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