Posted by: mrrx | November 13, 2006

Ding 65. Ding 1,200.

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 65, 55% XP.      1,208 quests.    The long weekend was very good to me.

It started out a bit slowly; got in a guild group in Tenebrous and whacked mob after mob just trying to get over the hump for 65.      Mostly was helping guildys to level, by going after challenging mobs for 50-somethings but easy greens for me – Scaleborns.    After things broke up, stood on the dock and killed more elementals, and eventually this dinged me to 65.

Got finished up with Burglars Afoot – with guildy help we snuck out and took down the gnoll, then popped the chest open to finish the quest.     Next quest is Coin Operation, which I managed to get started and now have to find something like 16 scrolls inside the Sanctum.

I had intended to start working on existing quests.      Instead I found myself working through Fluffy’s questlist, doing the collection quests.     I have completed many of these, started almost all of them, but some fantastically rare ones I needed to find out existed.     Tez may not be able to get into Splitpaw too easy, but someone will have to go in there because the collectibles sell for big bucks.       I’ll also need to walk into Wailing Caves for Striped Beetles – these things are for sale for 30g apiece.     No thanks.     Actually, I forgot to check the Freeport broker.

After that, cleared out the Feerrott, Enchanted Lands, and Rivervale, leaving me with maybe 6 quests empty in my journal.     Many of the Enchanted Lands and Rivervale quests were not available; it may be because I don’t speak Stout.     Have to buy that tome and work on it again.     

In the meantime, got several Rivervale quests completed and moved up to corrupted brewers for Jorbo & Mappy.      I’ve killed around 12 of them, so 18 to go.      The camp is made much easier if you have something to do for the 10 minutes between respawns, like other quests; or if you’re sitting with your daughter doing homework and watching the clock.      Either or both methods help. 

One thing I had not counted on – at 65 you get a new set of writs.    Blast!    I wanted to do all of them and I have missed them; to say nothing of doing Scaleborns which were easy writs.     If memory serves 50-60 was a single set of writs, so I figured I had these forever.    Well, I know now at least.     Got a new set of four and these require adventuring in Barren Sky.

While working on Jorbo & Mappy I got into a Sanctum group and we killed for an hour or two in there for very good experience.     Finished up the Ghostly Gift and started Coin Operation.     God, but the Sanctum is a dangerous place due to 1) quick repops and 2) no way to walk through the zone.

Not too long to EOF, and here I’ve gone and filled up my quest journal.      Way to go genius; how are you going to work the EOF quests if that stays so ?     This means priority tonight is to clear out as many Enchanted Lands quests, or whatever, as possible in preparation for heading out to Kelethin.     I made #23 on the questers board via tiebreaker; just barely staying ahead of a pursuer.     Hopefully I can knock him down tonight or, even better, pass up the guy ahead of me.



  1. The EoF quests are a blast. I don’t know if you have betrayed or how you feel about it, but you may want to go exile to do all the Deity quests. Some are pretty easy; you can do Inny’s in a couple of hours. I was working on some Butcherblock quests with my Fae monk (she of the huge, screen-blocking wings) just this morning; I wanted to ding 31 before the expansion went live (and did, yay).

    Plus the deity quests are just a joy. I only did Rallos and Inny, which turn out to be the two easiest (who knew?), but it was fun to see the world. For my Fae, it was fun to just finally get out of Greater Fay! That zone will be the new meeting place for everyone, I think.

    Grats on your questing!

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