Posted by: mrrx | November 9, 2006

Blasted Cauldron Hollow Quest

Tezcatlipocca : Started off the evening checking out the new guild house.     Our leaders purchased two homes, one in Qeynos and one in Freeport, and I donated some status-reduction items from my house.    I sure don’t need em.     Probably should have moved Brell’s Keg in there too but I love having that in my inn room.

Next did a round of scaleborn writs and gated back to Qeynos.       Grabbed another set and then decided I wanted to do the last god quest outstanding which was Tunare, and was right next to the KOS teleporter.

This quest sucked.      I really really did not like this at all.

The storyline is that you are sent back in time and take over the body of an elven ranger to fight the Battle of Cauldron Hollow.       Next you get your helper the Pathfinder to send out the troops and attack.    They do a good job and wipe out all resistance, leading you to the big confrontation with a shadowknight leading the opposing army.      The final fight requires you to defeat that shadowknight, then you are killed by another group that appears at the end of the battle.

So what’s wrong with this quest then ?    I’m so annoyed I’ll list it out for you :

  1. I am suddenly a different character, different class, different abilities – completely changed.      How am I supposed to know how to fight like this ?
  2. When I start out the quest is the easiest thing in the world – stand there and watch my army wipe out the enemy.    I didn’t have to cast a single spell to help them either.      So now, I don’t have to actually do anything.      This is lame; and charging ahead to be the hero got me killed when my army was busy with other NPC’s.
  3. The final confrontation is completely without help.     Never mind that you got to this point with the assistance of your army – they stand around stupidly and watch you get killed or chased by the shadowknight commander.     Now the thing just starts to fall apart from inconsistency, without any real reason for it.      Why won’t my troops attack ?     Did they get scared all of a sudden ?
  4. That Shadowknight is a bad ass NPC who knows exactly what to do with his abilities.     You, on the other hand, are saddled with figuring out how to fight on the fly.       This got me killed, easy.      Died four times doing this.
  5. This leads you to trying the quest multiple times, from the beginning, in order to finish it.      Now we’re into video game mode instead of a fantasy game – just keep trying until you finish it, but hope you don’t run out of lives first.      If I wanted to do this I would have stuck with Doom.
  6. To finally complete the quest, I did something I’ve never done before.       I focused on three spells and ignored everything on screen besides those three buttons.     I pulled with immolate, then hit my two damage arts and started auto attack.     When my damage arts were unavailable I would heal myself.       I saw nothing of the fight because complete and total attention and concentration were necessary to kill this rotten bastard, and I did manage to finish it with maybe 10% health remaining.     Making the quest this hard is ridiculous.    What fun is that fight supposed to be ?
  7. There were no options on completing the quest a different way.     Can’t kill a mob ?    Well, talk to your friends.     Get different gear.    Upgrade spells.    Level up some.      None of those options are available on this quest, requiring an endless mindless grind through the tiny amount of things you *can* do in the instance until you can figure out the method to defeat the baddy.       Players should have options, and providing a single path to success is lame.
  8. You get to end this quest by…….. being defeated ?       That’s pretty strange.     The Assassins just appear and neither myself, nor the Priestess, could figure out why it was that they showed up and wiped out both sides.

The only upside is those 6 deaths apparently did not count on me, nor did I get gear damage thank goodness.       Completing the quest got me a house item which I know from experience I will never actually use.     Grrr.

Well, anyway.     I didn’t like the Tunare quest.

Did one more round of scaleborn writs, killed random mobs in Tenebrous for awhile, then duoed for a bit with a wizard.      I was excited because I really, really want to grind my way to the next level, but my sleepy eyes betrayed me and I logged off fairly early.

Still #24, but I suspect I am going to be passed soon.     Maybe instead of worrying about level I should run another zone through Fluffy’s Questlist.       But I really want that level to try and work more unsoloable quests.       Decisions, decisions.



  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the tunare quest, it’s actually almost a complete replica of the monster missions that they added to eq1 which is perhaps why some people were more comfortable playing the rolls of a new class then others. Even though I play a healer almost exclusivley when I did the evil version for Innoruuk I had no issues mousing over the skills to see what they did and adapting into shadowknight mode. No penalty for death is wonderful as well, as it gives you the chance to learn what the heck to do and even if you mess up you can try again. Upgraded spells would have been usless lol they (the spells) were about master13829843 quality, and all decked out in fabled gear. For the tunare one, I got by mostly by just spamming the heal button, over and over, and turning on auto attack for the final mob, but again, playing a healer class makes Tunare’s quest quite simple.

  2. I have read your comment and a few others and was prepared for a tough fight and some deaths.
    Instead, the quest was super easy and I finished it on the first try. I don’t know where you have problems. FIguring out a whole new class?? Hell, not even a full hotkeybar of spells, mouseover and you find the buffs, apply them, dismiss them – doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the 3 main combat spells. You also don’t have to figure it out “on the fly” – you have plenty of time, take as much as you want, the quest continues when you hail the ranger not before.
    Did you forget to equip your armor? I was never below 50% health, and didn’t have any troubles to kill the boss. Surprisingly easy, in fact.
    Agreed, its lame that at first you just have to sit on your arse and watch your invincible rangers fight, and then they do nothing against the boss. This should be more balanced, you should actually be required to fight with them from the first encounter on. But they probably WoWified this because it would be even more complicated, and obviously even this easy the quest is too complicated for some. A pity.

  3. Well I’ll just note that if you pick the right tactic – namely, stand there and go toe to toe, never mind that you are a ranger and probably fragile – then you can do it on the first try.

    Try snaring and kiting him though. It doesn’t work well.

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