Posted by: mrrx | November 8, 2006

Burglars Afoot, Take 3

Tezcatlipocca : 60% XP.      Did yet another set of scaleborn writs, then managed to get into a trio group – warden, necro, and myself.      I talked them into helping me with Burglars Afoot.

Step 2 of 3 involved going to the fear tainted isle, and searching a corpse in the middle of a large group of frightlings.     My attempts to single-pull and clear the area were unsuccessful previously; but our necro managed to do it no problem.      Well, no problem after the first time when he pulled every one of them and caused a party wipe.

Searched the corpse, then off to the Vultak isle after some confusion about where exactly I needed to get to.      With invis, this part was easy – would have been challenging alone or maybe impossible.      Just walked into the crater, stood directly over the corpse, dropped invis and harvested, then re-invised and walked out.     Simple, no ?

The next step is Drippy Darkpaw who is a 61^^^ named mob with a vicious knockback.      I understand he has a dragon friend in addition to make things worse.      Will have to try and organize a group to finish this off and be done with Claymore quest #2.

We spent the rest of the night killing things at random; I managed to steer the group towards the elementals for kill totals, but we also worked everybody’s quests.     I was hoping to get more XP but it wasn’t going to happen, still it was progress.    The others were doing the tasty baskets and various Marr quests which I have completed, and was happy to help them on.   

Still in spot #24; two guys just below me who could pass me but apparently are not working on quests.


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