Posted by: mrrx | November 7, 2006

Echoes of Faydwer

The new expansion is coming in about a week.      There sure is a lot of stuff going on with it.

The new God choices sound very interesting and useful.       There’s a nice roleplay thing going on with them first of all, and the favors you can get from the gods are likewise very useful looking.      I’m thinking that Tezcatlipocca, who always needs a bit more offense, will want to worship Brell because he has many offense-oriented abilities.     That, and the only god which would work roleplay-wise is Tunare who isn’t a great fit either, so I might as well ask “What can you do for me, Mr. God ?”

Me, I’m interested in when the entire Everquest pantheon shows up, with more choices, and a good mystical god makes an appearance.  

The zones sound like a smart mix of both the newbie and the advanced, more heavily weighted to the advanced.      One disappointment being that Unrest is a rumored 70ish zone instead of mid-tier where it should be, like perhaps 30-35ish.      Not only that but it’s not going to be there at launch.

The new tradeskills are, as I expected, strange.     The mechanic sounds strange – we’ve gone back to EQ1 tradeskilling with trivials and skill points.       You can say a lot of things about tradeskills in EQ2, but one thing you can’t say is that it’s worse than EQ1.      And then the devs move us back in that direction ?     What are you guys doing?

Tinkering sounds like quite a bit of fun.    No rare items necessary.    Rare recipes, likely, but that’s not the same thing as rare items at all.      Many of those items are things I’d like to use.       Thinking that Tez will be a tinkerer.

Transmuting is apparently not quite finished yet.     Latest word is there will be transmuting recipes that use a wider variety of raw materials – but the raw materials are equipment and other items at various tiers (Fabled, Legendary, Treasured).       Apparently it’s heavy on the fabled items which rules that out for me – I could be wrong but I think Tez has only seen one or two fabled items in his whole career.     

On the plus side, the result is something called adornments which are things you add to existing gear.     I’ll be wanting to buy those things, no doubt about it.

There’s been endless discussion on the Fae, and I really don’t care much.      Six slots and all that for one; second, among my six allowed characters Tez gets 95% of the time, Tlaloc gets 3%, and the other four get ignored because I am continuing on the path of questing madness.   

One conclusion you can draw from the Fae’s racial abilities is that there will be a revamp at some point and they will add racial distinctiveness to each existing race.     That would be a welcome improvement and immensely increase my enjoyment of alts.       I could easily kill every alt I have save Tlaloc and Tezcatlipocca, and rework them based on new racial abilities.

There are five new heritage quests, approx levels 20, 30, 50, 60, and 70.     Now that sounds like fun.     New slayer titles for Droag, Aviak, and Ravasect; as well as new enemies, Clockworks, Kobolds, Satyrs, Vampires, Bugbears, and Brownies.     Thank goodness they are finally doing this kind of thing – there should be kill totals and titles for all the L&L type creatures as far as I’m concerned.      Teleportation is in-game again; druid rings and wizard ports.

Guild levels get increased I have heard, along with heraldry for your cloaks.      So every player you see with a certain cloak design, belongs to that guild.    Nice touch, but not that important for me at least.    I actually expect to turn off the cloaks for performance reasons; my new PC is at least 4 months away.

One thing is for certain – there is an awful lot of new content in the game with this expansion.      There are some great things, some screwed up things, but my overall impression is actually that I’m excited about the prospect.      I can’t wait until the thing goes live, and I’ve not felt that way about a single expansion or adventure pack to date.

Go-live day is apparently Tuesday, November 14th.       Can’t exactly take the day off for this one, blast it all – the first time I’ve been tempted.


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