Posted by: mrrx | November 3, 2006

Playing with Botters

Tezcatlipocca : 72% XP.     The session started off well enough.     I headed off to zones all over Norrath, even inside the dreaded Freeport zones, and eventually wandered into Rivervale to work a couple of the history book items – ie, stand in a particular place for an update.     And then I got started on the hard quests I needed in Rivervale.

I thought there were three, but I actually only had two.      Hard quest #1 was going after Shakey the Scarecrow, a rare spawn in the fields of, you guessed it, Shakey’s farm.      I walk into the area to see if he’s up and my dream come true is right there : an apparent bot crew at worst, or a quad-boxer at best.

Hey, bro, are you guys trying to kill Shakey ?

No sry.

OK, can you send a tell when he pops then ?   I need him.


Do you speak english ? (repeated 3 times)


Well when Shakey pops I am going to grab him.


I am trying to be nice here.     It looks like you guys are just XP’ing so I am going to grab the rare spawn is that ok ?


Well I just want to be nice about it, can join your group if you want.


So I left it at that and stood there and let them waste the field frights.     I harvested a bit but I was mostly afk.     And then the golden moment arrives and Shakey pops.    I grabbed him as quick as possible and slapped him down.

I then thanked my reluctant friends the bot crew and took off.

Hard quest #2 and #3 are kill book quests inside Rivervale.    Now I had head how hard More Adventures of Jorbo and Mappy would be to complete – the quest requires corrupted merchants, and corrupted brewers.    These guys only spawn inside Roundbelly’s store, on a ten minute timer, and not only that but they share the spawn with the living chest type mobs.      So I started working this one and in between I worked my other book.

I finished the End of the Rending book before getting my first 10 corrupted merchants.    Mmmmm.     This will be a long camp.

I spent hours with the computer on, checking my watch for the spawn time, and performing household duties like feeding the kids, getting them ready for bed, doing homework, and every ten minutes walking over to the computer to slaughter whatever was standing there.      Compelling gameplay it’s not.     Necessary to finish the quest, it is.

Eventually I gave up after 23 corrupted merchants – this puts me on Step 3 of 9.     And this is after camping the area for over 6 hours.     This is the book from hell folks, but believe me I will finish it somehow.

Managed to complete the Invasion of the Vale by killing the third type of summoned monster as well, grabbed the Windstalker Village rod for Tarton’s Wheel, then logged off inside Thundering Steppes.

1,143 quests and up to position #28.



  1. LoL nice to read about your experience with the bot crew.

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