Posted by: mrrx | November 2, 2006

Rocketing Up !

Tezcatlipocca : 67% XP.      Got into my first Sanctum of Scaleborn group, mostly to help out guildies, though I did manage to get some nice XP.     Had to actually delete quests in order to pick up the three that were available inside the zone; whenever I manage to do the Blades Tower quest I’m sure I’ll be able to get that one again.

The Ghostly Gift quest included a bit of a surprise.     Sanctum of Scaleborn includes many rooms with quick repops so that you have to fight your way through no matter what.    When we get into the room below the barracks, and place hearts inside of braziers, we get a 5 minute timer to make it back up to the top.    Yeah, right.     Tried but ended up evaccing and left all three quests unfinished by the time the group broke up.

Two of us headed out for the Feerrott afterward, and tried to get some nameds in Cazic Thule, but we were unsuccessful.      Camping Agony would have been nice but we got bored and wandered around instead.      20 minute camps are hard to do with anyone who has a short attention span.     Tried to go after the Keeper to finish Screaming Mace, but the thulians that spawn are just too high to deal with.

Ended up with another person, a level 59, and I reasoned “Great!    Thulians for the Screaming Mace will be gray to him.”    What I didn’t realize is the Thulians are level 50 and thus I need a 61+ to come with me to truly help.    After he died, I had had quite enough of the Screaming Mace.

So I headed out to Antonica and started working on my easy quests.     They are “easy” only in terms of the likelihood of dying; I’m running from zone to zone to zone to work these book quests, completing several along with a few newbie and missed quests.     Back and forth between Antonica, Thundering Steppes, Nektulos, Commonlands, and other places, just to walk up to a marked spot and get the update to read the rest of the book.     It’s nice in a touristy way to play at least.

After spending many hours with that task, got into a Djinn Carpet group and spanked the djinn; then went through the Living Tombs.     The four of us mentored down to our lowest guildy’s level and had a blast in there.     I progressed many quests, completed two more in the peacock series, and am almost finished with the search for the Silent City before they all logged off.

Spent some more time working book quests, then logged out inside of Qeynos Harbor.     Do I have a good guild or what ?     I spent the whole time in the company of guildies.      Not only that, but I’m getting favorable comments about the blog here which is always appreciated, along with your comments.

The work paid off – 1,131 quests and position #29.      I didn’t really expect to get that far but I’m not going to complain.



  1. Don’t forget those quests you get from the ghost chests in SoS are actually a part of the claymore chain, so you may want to hold off in doing the turn ins until you reach that part of the claymore series, which starts in North Qeynos inn if you’re good aligned, and in West Freeport Inn if you’re evil. 🙂

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