Posted by: mrrx | October 31, 2006

Ding 1100

Tezcatlipocca : 15% or so XP.     Cleaned out all non-drop quests from Serpent Sewer and Edgewater drains.

The Serpent Sewer included an irritating quest with a rare drop off Murkwater Henchman, who at least were plentiful.      I killed a ton of these little guys until I finally got the key I needed them to drop, and finished off the quest; completed maybe 5 total in this zone.

The Edgewater Drains, though, took the cake.     I camped the Crazy Peeper for hours until I could finally get him to spawn, and the camp was a no brainer – stand and kill this one 10-min repop group over and over and if you were lucky, Crazy Peeper would spawn immediately.     I killed the group for a few cycles while working the rest of my quests, then ended up standing there waiting.     Then I read a book for awhile, knocking down the placeholder group when they popped.      Then I went and did things around the house, watching the clock.     

Once you get into that realm – every 15 minutes heading back to the computer – you know you have a really lousy quest.   I got lucky about 2 hours into the camp.    Again, got maybe 5 quests out of the whole thing.

Next tried to get what quests I could from Stonestair Byway, and Scale Yard.     I got zero.   My guess is the entire city of Freeport is closed to me for questing; I seem to remember the Devs doing this deliberately at some point.      Many of the NPC’s had a curious behavior – you couldn’t even hail them.      Press H with them targeted and nothing happened.      Yeah, that would prevent you from getting the quest.

But outer Freeport bore fruit.    Graveyard, Sunken City, Ruins, and the Sprawl all yielded several quests each to pad the total, and I completed them all.   It took awhile in the Graveyard as this was the final zone I needed to work, and I had to sit and wait for nightfall so I could knock down graverobbers.     

Afterward Tez gated back to Qeynos and got to work on outstanding Antonica quests.     Many of these were the history books which I had never purchased from the Sage in South Qeynos.      There were a smattering of quests I had simply missed, and as the last act of the night I finally found Rikantus.

Rikantus is a guy I’ve been looking for for quite a while, not very seriously, and he is located between Vishra’s tent and Blackburrow, just past the tent.     Got his first quest and found my quest journal full.      Ahhhh, what a nice feeling that is.     Before sleep claimed me I zoned into Blackburrow, ready to work the first two quests in my journal.

I now have 1,100 quests and have reached the amazing position #39 – this time I lost the tiebreaker.     Most of the guys above me were clumped together closely so its no surprise I should pass so many.      Expect to pass several more very soon.

One other thing about my position – a gent by the name of Gilbraltar just transferred to the Bazaar, who is rated something like 6th worldwide with 2300+ quests.    Ugh.    So much for the dream of *ever* being the top Bazaar quester – this guy did it.    Kind of. 

I don’t want to take anything away from his accomplishment, but I admit it bugs me that he transferred over like that and takes over the top spot.     The rest of us transferred at the creation of the SE, or started from scratch, and there’s just something annoying about that.     It’ll be even worse if he sells himself.

Guess I’ll have to settle for reaching the top ten, and it is very much possible at the rate I’m going.



  1. Congradulations on the 1,100th quest completion!

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