Posted by: mrrx | October 30, 2006

The Great Quest Search

Tezcatlipocca : 12% XP or so.     Snuck around solo in the Living Tombs.    The entryway, where you first jump into the pool to start adventuring, has gone grey to me.      Got into a group and took out the Sul Priestess, and found to my dismay I also need another spawnable priestess, deeper inside the zone.     I walked around, collected all the staffs necessary, and finally progressed Delving Into Darkness, a part of the Peacock line.     Got a new quest, but frankly I have forgotten what it was.

You see, I finally sat down and used Fluffy’s Questlist fully and completely.     To do so, you must take your quest journal and transcribe it to this app under your username.     It takes a long time to do this and this is one of the reasons I put it off for so long; I set Tez to AFK and left the game running throughout the day, transcribing a few as time permitted, and even when my main gaming time came it still took another hour or so to do.     It was probably 2 1/2 hours all told.     Anyway, the result is worth it.    Fluffy has compiled a thorough list of all quests in the game and the information quality is very good, almost perfect.

I am amazed at how many quests I appear to have missed due to drops.      No doubt I will be mentoring down and working these things at some point.    But for the moment, I focused on getting quests which I appear to have missed, and I found several.     There was approximately one in each newbie zone and Qeynos zone; discovering this took quite a few hours.      One additional thing I had to do was to weed out all of the quests I am unable to get – for example, being a Kerra I cannot do the Human mentor quests.      I’m a priest, so I cannot do Ian’s Forgetful Family.    Et cetera.      Before the end of the night I had a large number of these quests in my journal once again.

So, where to start next ?    I decided on the beginning, and went looking for access quests.    Spoke to Tish Tickers who clued me in on the gnoll cave.      Headed to Commonlands, talked to Marcus the rat, and finished the Valley of the Rogue Magi “quest”, by zoning in and out.      Entered the Thieve’s Way, and the Serpent Sewer for the first time, and got an access quest there along with quite a few other quests I had never bothered to pick up.       Diving deeper into the Edgewater Drains, I got my final access quest to another mini-zone and collected a few others.

Managed to finish a couple of quests – Peckett’s Patrol is something I had seen marked on the map forever and yet I never found the quest starter until this session.     It’s actually a chest inside of the tower at Coldwind Point.      Did a jaunty walk around the lowbie zone in Antonica, wasted helpless gnolls, and finished this one off.       I finished one or two inside the Serpent’s Sewer as well.      Finally, the late hour overcame my enthusiasm and I logged off inside the Edgewater Drains, still needing to empty this zone of quest starters.

1,084 quests and still in position #45.    Closing in on the competition above me.



  1. It’s amazing to see some times how many quests we’ve missed leveling up. I once started a new character and vow’d to do every single quest I could as I leveled up, but I quickly out-leveled the quests even with no grinding of any mobs at all. A wonderful thing I think.

  2. I love reading your adventures, and being a fellow quester I’ve been running around Zek tidying up in there. Amazing. And thanks for the link to the Fluffy’s Quest Site. Thats one I have missed.

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