Posted by: mrrx | October 26, 2006

Eyes on the Prize

Tezcatlipocca : 83% XP.      Just simple stuff tonight.

Did two rounds of scaleborn sentry writs which pushed him above 10,000 GSP contributed.      Finished repeating the Name of Marr, and Dragon Idol, quests.    After that, tried to get into a group and couldn’t.     I’m a healer !    I’m supposed to get groups whenever I want !    Phooey.

So instead, I wandered Tenebrous and Barren Sky looking for solo spots.     Barren Sky is not a good place due to the lack of anywhere to run.       I can solo the mobs there but an add is instant death, and it’s the same in Tenebrous off of the Temple isle.

Eventually found a nice spot – the quay in front of the Temple of Scale, with the elementals on it.     They were nonaggro, green-v, and I proceeded to grind away on these bad boys.     Killed maybe 5 before I needed to stop for a rest, then went on with the slaughter after food & drink kicked in.     Took out scaleborn and bloodthorns when no elementals were up.     

I liked the spot because I stayed busy, it was fun, and elementals count towards my Slayer title if I could actually kill enough to get there.      Currently wearing my Hunter of Elementals title proudly.     

Hoping to get myself to 63 to wear my new chest armor, but 83% was as far as I could get before I had to log off.

I find myself now looking forward to level 70.    Once I’m 70 I’ll have a good idea what quests I can finish myself, which I need help on, and don’t have to be shy any longer asking for help to finish something off.      I mean, if you can’t handle it solo at 70 you’ll never be able to handle it, that’s the way the game is designed.

1,078 quests and position 45 still.     My pursuers have slowed down which is nice.


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