Posted by: mrrx | October 25, 2006

Dinging the Guild, Phat L00t

Tezcatlipocca : 60% XP.      Tez started out the night on his way to Tenebrous Tangle and noticed the guild was a tiny, tiny sliver away from level 34.     The guild XP indicator even said 100%.      So I immediately headed to knock out my Tenebrous quests – yet more scaleborn sentries – and I didn’t disappoint.

As soon as I completed the writs, ZAP !   the guild made 34.     That was fun to do – even though it doesn’t mean *that* much, it’s nice to be the guy who dings the guild.

Got asked to help out in a dungeon called the Den of the Devourer, and that was a good way to spend most of the evening.    It was a full group, two berserkers, monk, necro, brigand and myself.      We got killed once getting used to each other, and I got killed after leaving wards on the tank when she pulled – instant aggro.     After that, it was smooth sailing and we knocked them down one after the other.

I wish I had asked beforehand, but shoot I didn’t know – Ravasect Lore & Legend was right outside in the Bonemire, and the Den was filled with ravasects.     Killed many and got several body drops, which helped after we quit and I grabbed the book.

I even got excellent and useful loot.    Now remember, I’m the cheapskate who just about never buys gear, and quests for most of his stuff.     So that chestguard I picked up will help for level 63, replacing my dustforged chainmail vest.    And once I reach 66 I got some Legendary scale-type chest armor.      Nobody else wanted it, they were after a different drop from the boss mob we killed.     Still, chest armor is the hardest stuff for me to find, so I was quite pleased with this haul, not to mention the large amount of XP.

After they broke up, I wandered the Bonemire and picked up some quests from the NPC’s near the crash site.      (God, Bonemire is the butt-ugliest zone.     What were the Dev artists thinking?     Guys, you have a beautiful “realistic” look to all the art I’ve seen so far and you create this neon cartoon thing ?      Yuch. )

None of the mobs were killable at my level – all yellow mobs nearby.     So I went off to Barren Sky to check on my language quest, and managed to finish that off.      Met Penny Dreadful and did her two puzzle quests, but can’t work the third as I need to find water on one of the other islands, and it’s too dangerous for me to wander there.      The puzzles looked pretty good, but I only got one right and simply guessed on the second one.     At 11:30 I’m not in the mood for more math issues, I do that at work.

Headed to one of the islands and found vultak yellow-v mobs nearby and gave them a try.     Killed two with no problem, so I know now where to go to gain some XP.      Trouble was, there was a group clearing the area of mobs and when they started repopping, I came within the tiniest sliver of dying.       You just can’t run in the Kingdom of Sky, or at least it is very very difficult.

Made quester #45 – but likely will tie with the guy behind me once I re-grab my writs.    I believe your quest totals go down when you re-do repeatable quests.



  1. Note for next time you’re in bonemire: There is a wonderful quest from an npc called Grizzfazzle or something along those lines. He wants you to kill some ravasect first, 20 I believe, then he wnats you to head to the den, and kill the named. YOu get a pretty kick ass legendary weapon reward, with a nice proc that has a 10% (or maybe 5%) chance to shoot off a dmg spell when you cast hostile spells. 😀

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