Posted by: mrrx | October 24, 2006

Haunts and Camps


Tezcatlipocca : Ding 62, 10% XP.     Spent some time in Everfrost first, and did three of the statue quests.     The northwest of the zone has a large room with, I believe, 10 statues and each gives a quest if you complete the previous one.     Once I got to the fourth one, I started finding them a bit hard to solo.

I had to walk up and down this tunnel a few times, and take down the wolves and their tamers, in addition to animated glaciers.      I love the look of this zone.

I also went after named giants for Drayek’s Chamber access.    Managed to get one, a harder one to pop by all accounts, named Skullsplitter.     Another one nearly killed me so with that, decided it was time to stop adventuring in this beautiful zone and come back later.

Headed out and took out my last currents to finish off all Everfrost quests, and headed next to Cazic Thule in the hope of finishing more quests.    I managed it, but had to be very tenacious about it.      Xilarga the Champion was required for the last of Zealot Fahid’s quests, and he spawns on the left-side temple top in Cazic.      The monsters there are on a 15-minute spawn.      After finishing up with my book quest, and realizing the remaining two quests will require a higher level or help, I set out to camp this bad boy.

Due to the long repop timer (most of them I have seen are usually five minutes, maybe it’s different in these higher zones) I would log into Tlaloc, craft for awhile, log back to Tez, and check out the camp.    This made things bearable.      But boy, did it grate each time I would log in and he wasn’t up.       The other time I needed him, for the Screaming Mace, I just walked up and there he was; now he wasn’t being so obliging.

Still, it took 3 1/2 hours until the rotten scumbag finally popped.    Killed him, and headed back to town to check out the Halloween events.

I was disappointed with the Trick or Treating.    You talk to a goblin near the Qeynos Claymore, who asks you to find him candies and gives out masks if you find enough of them.     To get candies, you walk up to NPC’s and say “trick or treat”.       My main disappointment was it’s not an official quest.    I don’t think so anyway – doesn’t show in my journal.   Plus you have ten minutes but no timer to remind you.    Anyway, managed to get a goblin mask and called it good.

The Haunted House was much better.     Now, being a parent, one part of it just shocked me even as another part of my brain tells me “it’s only a game, lighten up”.    But still, the whole idea of two little kids starving to death in their rooms and becoming ghosts just did not sit right with me.     The little details to make it even scarier did not please me – the rotten food outside their room, the note pleading with their parents – bringing to mind that they got locked in accidentally after the parents got killed – and the poignant detail that whatever we did wrong, we’re sorry, just please come back mommy and daddy!; and the scratchings at the door where they tried to get out.    Why isn’t the detail in the parent’s deaths ?     I didn’t get why the parents died at all, and I’m not going to have some kind of emotional reaction to that kind of thing.       The kid deaths made me shudder, but still, at the end you release their spirits to heaven or wherever, so it all works out OK.

The rest of the house is filled with easy-to-kill spiders and various puzzles, leading up to the climax in the attic where some kind of zombie graveyard is waiting for you.    Click a warding totem to kill the zombies, or you can fight them yourself for XP – I took the easy way.       Very well done (with, the child caveat).

Banked and got a few more collection quests finished, and dealt with selling.    Remember where I was very excited about selling flying fish for a fantastic profit ?    That idea is over; nobody is buying my fish and I’ve cut my price down substantially.     Sooner or later I’ll get rid of them though.    Hanging roots by the stack were surprisingly on sale for coppers each, so I bought them all and relisted them for a handsome profit.    Some even sold before the night was finished which works for me.

Logged out in Antonica.     Have completed 1,068 quests and made # 46 via tiebreaker with another player.

Tlaloc : Ding 49, then ding 50, provisioner with 12% XP.     Tez’s camping gave Tlaloc time to do some serious crafting.      Had him do the writs to bump up guild status and Ironforge faction, especially since I don’t really need the food.      Got a metric ton of T6 food items from a kind guildy.      After hitting 50 had him make some Artichoke Kalish (mmmm, sounds tasty don’t it ?) before logging off for the night.


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