Posted by: mrrx | October 23, 2006

Fun in Cazic Thule


Tezcatlipocca : 98% XP.    Just could’t quite cross the level 62 hump.

First to the Obelisk of Lost Souls, and took down the Creator.    Now that he’s outleveled, he was pretty easy.     Then harvested my way to Cazic Thule again.

It turns out that Zealot Fahid has a whole series of quests he gives you, and I got started and managed to complete several of them.    One asks for Tae Ew Justicars which got frustrating; the ^^^ versions do not update the quest, but the ^^ ones do.     Only problem is the ^^ ones are in short supply.     A fair amount of camping was involved, but it was OK, I did this at the same time I went after the Cenobite for Screaming Mace, and Glare Lords for a book.

After getting the Cenobite, I ran some lovely fresh temple water from the pool on the backside, down inside the temple and filled a basin.     With that, I was ready to take on the Keeper of the Mace.       Only problem was, he was 50^^^ and he spanked me.     I expected a named to be harder to kill, but this wasn’t even close – got him to maybe 70%.    Have to come back with some help or more levels under my belt.

Took out four of five frightfiends for Fahid, when the temple started getting really crowded and prompted me to try another zone.     Headed to Everfrost, and took a stop inside Permafrost.

This is a neat spooky zone.    Empty frozen tunnels inside the castle and a dragon I needed to remember to avoid.     Spooky high-pitched women’s voices worthy of a frozen queen.  Found a bunch of statues which apparently give 10 quests; got started on one and decided to work this series later.     Did not find named for the epic quest access to Drayek’s Chamber, at least not easily, so left and headed for the water.

I needed a ton of additional frigid currents, and I got pretty close to finishing them off; still need 7, have gathered 73.     It’s quite a feat when you consider they are a 50% chance to spawn (intead of frigid turbulences) in the area around the Pure Magic Shrine.     Got into a group with two low-level guardians and spanked them I don’t know how many times.     Helped my friends get to the shrine alive too which was no mean feat.

Logged off at that point, sleeping in the water with the fishes.      Quester #49 with 1,057 quests.     Still, the guys chasing me are likely to catch me, only maybe 10 quests separating us now.


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