Posted by: mrrx | October 20, 2006

Number 50

Tezcatlipocca : 92% XP.       Eventually finished all possible quests in Pillars of Flame.    Well, I could do more with a group to kill ^^^ harpies, or just slaughtering them for the lore & legend, but I’m not ready to do that just yet.      Got my goblins while wandering in the area of Camp Char’nik, then headed to the top of the Prophet’s Peak to finish making the Ortallians happy.     Next quest in the timeline is Living Tombs, so that’s finished for the moment.

Next decided to move off and visit Tower of the Drafling again, and finish up two bixie quests within.     Now, Tez is tough enough that bixies can’t even hurt him so it becomes a matter of finding enough mobs to finish off the quests.    Bixie L&L is progressed; found another body drop and got a brain.     But again, I’m not interested at the moment in the endless slaughter necessary to finish L&L’s and so headed off for another quest.

Nillipuss is a little brownie I remember from EQ1, and his quest here starts with a request to get jumjum, which I accomplished.     Now I’m supposed to get Shakey the Scarecrow, another guy appearing in EQ1.     He is apparently a rare pop in the scarecrow fields in Rivervale.     I took out two waves of them, with no Shakey pop, and got sick of the whole thing so figured I would try it again some other time.

Next, back off to the Feerrott and Temple of Cazic Thule.     Who is up but the Torturer I need for the Screaming Mace !     Took him down and am left with one more mob, the Cenobite if memory serves.     Also worked on glare lords for the book quest before logging out for the night.

I’m now in sole possession of #50 on the questers list.      I have to savor the moment, since there’s two guys hot on my heels, and I fear getting passed over the weekend.   



  1. Grats!!!

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