Posted by: mrrx | October 18, 2006

Quest Racing Continues

Tezcatlipocca : 78% XP.     More Pillars of Flame quests got finished, including finding the missing caravan which was nearby the prophets; killing the sabertooths – which is a repeatable quest by the way – and finally taking down the 15 desert prophets, followed by 30 goblin miners, to reach the next stage of this timeline, quests for the Ortallians.     The two mobs the Ortallians want me to kill I couldn’t find before I logged off for the night – sandscrawler (ie, goblin) raiders and sorcerors.

Spent a fair amount of time in Tenebrous again and knocked off another writfest, as well as more repeatable quests and gathering almost enough dragon idols to finish again.     I also finally found a spot where ores will spawn.      It’s near one of the temples on the temple isle, and has quite a few scaleborn ^’s wandering nearby, which is why I avoided the area up to now.

While in Maj Dul I completed the Zeke Two Tone quest, and discovered this opened up another quest with the elephant lady across from him – Barakah.     Completing this supposedly also opens up another non-Ogaming quest called Everyone Counts, from NPC Siyamak (Thank you Fluffy) .     Have to try that one out.

Officially Tez has reached #51 on the quester list, which is part of a three-way tie at 1,050 quests.    I believe the tiebreaker is who got created first, and I usually win there, but will still be on ASAP to bag one more quest and make it undisputed.     Besides, two guys are chasing me at the 1000-ish quest mark, and the ones above are also moving up.


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