Posted by: mrrx | October 16, 2006

Flaming Away

Tezcatlipocca : 55% XP. Did some more exploring of the Pillars of Flame; now at least I have a better idea of the zone layout.

For example, I thought the harpies were all ^^^ mobs on the western edge of the zone, but it turns out that in The Needle, an area on the north side by the monks, there are many groups of double-downs and various singles. Killed these things for awhile and progressed a quest or two. Scouted around further by jumping into the water, and getting a gigantic portion of the map revealed which was nice; getting killed by the shark wasn’t.

Pillar of Flames is another one of those zones with mobs that are aggro but do not display the aggro indicator.     The sharks were an example of this.     It’s hard to see in the water, but before I jump in I check some of the sharks, and none were aggro.     Then I get chased by one and killed by another.    Bah.

The XP was nice and the mobs were not impossible anymore.     The number of interrupts most mobs threw when I was here in my mid-50s was just too difficult to deal with and ruined soloing.    Now that almost everything is green, its a different story – the fights are doable but not snoozers, and an add doesn’t mean run away immediately.

Found a spot with desert prophets and solo-able sabertooths, and fought there for awhile until I needed to check into town.      I need that desert prophet area because that quest is in a long timeline, and I might as well start now.     Dealt with my selling and helped out a guildy new player before logging off.



  1. The reason your fishies are not showing up as agro, is because they lose their agro as they leave the water (ie: if you are dying, run to land / rock and they’ll wander on home). YOu can’t con mobs from outside of the water. If you try to see their agro indicator while you’re standing in the water alongside them, they’ll show up as nicely agro. 😀

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