Posted by: mrrx | October 15, 2006

Bloodrage & Guild Rage

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 45 alchemist; 40% adventure XP.     Logged in and found my former guild leader on, and she and I had a chat about my reasons for leaving.     It looks like things are on good terms, but she surprised me by being very upset that I left.     Still, nothing is going to change on my reasons for leaving so I stayed where I was guild-wise.

If anything, Sway is rather angry with me.     Other guildies didn’t seem too bothered.     But it’s nice being in my busy, chatty, and helpful guild with warm bodies during PST.

Got started by traveling to the Feerrott and starting a long harvesting bonanza.     Managed to get several additional book pages, and even completed one.    But the soft stones seemed in short supply, so I headed out to Everfrost to see if the pickings were any better that way.

Boy, am I glad I did.     What do I see but a group of people trying to spawn Bloodrage, and they did it successfully.     We whacked him and it was finally over – didn’t take but a few minutes after I joined the group.

I went into an instanced version of Miragul’s Menagerie, slaughtered a bunch of easy greys (they could not hurt me), and finished the quest.    The eyepatch itself, unfortunately, I will not use due to stats and mitigation deficiencies.   Ah well.    But the GSP were nice.

Back to Nettleville after that, and armed with three stacks of bloodstones I completed all the available tradeskill writs, getting a ding in the process.      Made a trip to the broker and was pleasantly surprised to find the quest starter for An Ancient Desert Power, along with many collection items which I snatched up.     The turnins were a welcome XP addition.

I got the early steps of Desert Power out of the way, stopping at the part where you need to kill the leader of the desert madmen.     A 49^^^ with 4 friends does not sound like something I can solo easily at this point.   Besides, the end of the quest is a raid anyway.    Headed to Pillars of Flame, and got a few quests completed, before logging for the night.

Quester #54.     I might be fairly safe here, with the people in that area not moving, but I’m not sure.


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