Posted by: mrrx | October 12, 2006

Sir Tez

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 61.     Tez is now a member of The Forsaken, a very large casual guild with tons of members online.      I’m happy to have made the change.      One of the first things I did was visit the City Merchant, and purchase my nobility.       Now I have a prefix title of Sir.

Second thing I did was to visit the writ givers and collect the four Scaleborn Sentry writs again.      Managed to run through them twice during the night, which brings me up to 1200 GSP contributed and got me the easy rank promotions.        The Forsaken do ranks by GSP; they have two leaders, senior members selected by the leaders, and the top members are those with over 50,000 GSP.       Wonder if I’ll end up there sometime; I suspect not but you never know.

Got anxious tells from a Sway guildy who I filled in on the reasons for the change,  and assured him he was on friends and wouldn’t be forgotten.      I wonder how our leader will take that.

Also, *gasp*, grouped for awhile with a guildy and we killed sentries and bugs for the tasty basket quests.     Mystic and Troubador worked out OK; he played tank and I kept us warded.      We also grouped for a very short time with a Chinese player who had an odd idea of what grouping was about.       First, he set the loot to free for all, which is kind of messed up.     Then he deliberately set all the looting to leader only.      We dropped him immediately and formed up as two.      I kept seeing him the rest of the night with his LFG tag; and I couldn’t even try and clue him in as he didn’t speak english.     Hah.

Just after finishing my writs for the second time, after killing two more bugs just to grind it out, I dinged 61 and called to Qeynos.     The two spells I get for this level are on sale for very very large prices and don’t impress me – a STR & STA buff, and an armor class buff.     I decided to pass for the time being.      Wrath of the Grey is still not available in a Master, so I might just make do with my Adept I version.      Maybe I should blow a plat on the Adept III.      Either way, it was too late to make such weighty decisions so I logged off.


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