Posted by: mrrx | October 10, 2006

The New Betrayal

Ometochtli : Ding 13, 70% XP.      My drunken ogre stood outside the graveyard and killed the various ghosts out there for awhile until that fateful moment arrived – level 12, and time to start the betrayal.     Turns out I didn’t need to worry about that, but more on that later.

I immediately headed out to the fence in the Freeport harbor, and discovered……. the betrayal doesn’t start there.    Duh.     It’s not the same as Qeynos.     I eventually found the guy, Henk Rimebreaker, in South Freeport.

This started a long chain of quests where all I had to do was run around to various spots, talk to NPC’s, and place listening devices.     The devices were bug icons – nice touch guys.    The lore was fun, and the game sent me emails as I progressed through the quests, mails from “Citizens for a Free Freeport”.     Sounds like a typical do gooder group doesn’t it ?

Ultimately, I had to eavesdrop on a group of NPC’s at night, and I get this quest at 6 am game time.      Time to game night, then, becomes about an hour of real-life time.   Passed the time switching between characters, and then the fun began at 8 pm.    Wandered around West Freeport and completed the task, then found myself at the point of no return.

A warning box pops up – you are about to begin the betrayal.   Be sure this is what you want.    Not only that, but I get a second pop up window requiring me to type in my characters name before I can receive the quest.    They really, really don’t want you doing this accidentally.     And next thing I know I zone into an instance of the Freeport Militia zone.

I ran through the zone and wasted anybody who was in my way – all the guards were scaled to my level.     I planted bombs, destroyed weapons, and freed the prisoners, before the quest ended in a fateful and immediately deadly confrontation with militia reinforcements.

And I came to in Haven.    It’s a big cave inside the Thundering Steppes; unremarkable, basically.    I ran out and made my way to the Commonlands.

Now this was an interesting run.    Everything in Thundering Steppes was very red to me, but nothing was aggro except for bears.      Still, was a harrowing run hugging the canyon walls until I arrived at the dock, dodging bears all the way and conning everything nearby looking for an aggro indicator.    Zoned into Nektulos, and was very happy to see that griffon tower.      That didn’t last long.

I seem to remember a change in the griffins.    Namely, the quest requirement was removed and everyone could use the griffins in Nektulos and TS.       Apparently, that either never made it to live, or they reversed themselves, because I couldn’t use the Nektulos griffins.     Bah.      Made the run through the forest, tried to walk through the river in order to reach Commonlands gate, and got killed by a piranha.     Made a second attempt over land only and managed to avoid getting killed before reaching the gate.      A short run through the Commonlands brought me to my friend Gil McMartin.

Now, it was time to test the broken quest for faction with Qeynos.     Some of these quests are supposed to be very easy if you have invisibility as well, but one in particular was very easy and I set out to test it.      I received the Rescue the Defector quest, headed to the dock, and took the boat to Stonestair Byeway, the easiest zone to get into the Thieves Way from.     Exited Thieves Way in South Freeport.

The exit puts you off to one side of the dock, more or less facing the big zigzagging walkway that takes you up like 5 stories higher.       One guard paths across the first road, so you need to avoid him, and I knew about him.    Off I ran, up towards the top of the zigzag.

Then a guard dog kills me.    Turns out, my information was incomplete.   There were two guards; one with a very long path to patrol and two guard dogs following him, who walked up and down the zigzag; and the easy guy who patrolled the straight road right in front.

Made my way back, avoided the guards, and zoned into an instance on the top of the zigzag.      You are apparently supposed to have to fight a bunch of guards inside, but a specific dialog choice – “wait just a minute” – keeps them from being aggro.    So I zoned in, walked up to the next floor, and zoned out via a tree.

A run back to Gil netted me 5,000 faction points.

I proceeded to do this amazing boring task twelve times.     Yes, it was grindingly boring, but it would have been even worse to go after other sabotage quests and take days to accomplish the mission.      Instead, after a single verrrrryyyyy long night I was finished with it.

Dodging the guards was the best part.      I got killed the first time.    Most times afterward I dodged the guards without incident.    The 2nd-to-last time I got caught between the two patrolling guards and as I dodged, trying to stay alive and hollering “Oooohhhhh shiiiitttt !!!!! ” in the real world, I ventured too close to a stationary guard and got a quick port to the Commonlands.     

The final time, I got too close again to the first guard, and he recognized me and came running after me.     This time, however, I sprinted and ran in the right path to get back to the Thieves Way before he could crush my skull in.     Wheee !

Once you move from -50,000 to +10,000 faction, Gil tells you to seek out Vishra.    Anybody who has done the original betrayal remembers this guy; he’s the one you did the whole quest with, basically.     He’s been relocated into South Qeynos.      Made the trip and entered the zone, and got tasked with garbage collection.

Now the big thing I wanted to accomplish was finished.    Ometochtli is now able to visit the bank in Qeynos and can get twinked stuff, without using the mail.      And I can gather this garbage later so I decided to log off after this marathon session.

The new betrayal is really a serious commitment, done much better, and I’m very glad I did it.    Most of it anyway.     Doubt I will ever do it again though, although I hear the Qeynos-to-Freeport version is fun too.



  1. Congradulations on almost completing the betrayal.. I just did it with my level 70 warden, went over to fury.. and wow talk about a change. It is a serious commitment at any level, but at level 70, when you lose your relic gear, all your masters / adept3’s down to app1’s, it’s a huge huge deal. Especially if you raid at all. Lots of fun though!

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