Posted by: mrrx | October 9, 2006

The Great Guild Hunt

Being tired of being in a almost-dead guild, I got two characters invited into other guilds and decided to check things out on the other side.    Not Tez – not yet.     Not going to throw away a years membership without checking things out otherwise.

So one guy got invited into, we’ll call it, Guild #1.       I spent an evening logged in with these people during regular play hours, 8-12 PST, and my main complaint is answered with this group.      Yes, there are actually people logged in and playing.

However.      It seemed things were more about social banter, and throwing out funny stuff.     One of the leaders has a bit of a temper.      Something happened in tells, and next thing I know this guy dramatically kicks someone from the guild with an angry comment.       Mmmm.   Remind me not to get on his bad side.

Nobody talked about forming groups or helping each other out, nor did I get the sense that happened too much.     And finally, one other thing happened that probably shouldn’t bug me so much.

Every character has notes, and I had figured I could put as part of my notes the URL of the blog.      It’s not like I’m putting up the address of some hokey site; this is an EQ2 blog, and as part of the EQ2 game, I put it in.      And yet some officer (could it be, Mr. Temper ?) edited it out and asked me not to put URL’s in there.      The more I think about it, the more torqued I get, even though the rational part of my brain says this should be no big deal.   

And finally, the only leader logged in is Mr. Temper.     This is one thing that I never liked about Sway, and probably should have done something about before, but c’est la vie.     If you’re the leader of a guild you should be logged in, a lot.      So it’s encouraging to see someone, but am I going to get along with this guy ?

So Guild #1 isn’t looking too good right now.

Also spent time in Guild #2, but not too much nor during the right hours.      This group I got a good feeling about.     Blog address, for example, was not commented upon 🙂 .

There were a metric ton of people all logged in.      They apparently have a status system for promotions which is something I like and makes sense to me.      People were social but also yabbering away about grouping and asking questions.      This is a level 30 guild which means titles should be purchasable.     So first impressions are good, with the caveat that the timing was wrong.

Ometochtli : Ding 11.     Spent two levels in the graveyard whacking skeletons, and headed out to the Commonlands for that 11 ding.     I’ve gotten no advice one way or another about when to start the betrayal so I’m going with the level 12 plan.    Might want to start this real quick.

Tlaloc : Ding 48 provisioner.     With level 48 I gain the ability to make absinthe, which increases WIS and STA, perfect for Tez.

Also had him start my first writ, and I liked the idea fairly quickly.     Raws needed were peaches and wyrm meat.      Needed a few other purchased items.      Should be able to get this finished easily, but due to the late hour I logged and decided to leave it for later.



  1. Good luck with the guild hunt, a friend of mine is in a similar situation, I hope everyone finds what they’re looking for, it’s such an important aspect to this game.

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