Posted by: mrrx | October 6, 2006

Bloodrage and Auto-AFK

Tezcatlipocca : 60% XP.     Spent a few days doing Scaleborn Sentries for writs.      I just passed the 50,000 mark on guild status contributed, which is cool.     Unless she stops playing, I can’t imagine passing our #1 player (I am #2) but you never know for sure I guess.     Gelda hasn’t logged in for several days.

Found out how to get the Sentinel Bladehand – he’s in the very first treehouse you see in Tenebrous.      It’s simple; kill sentries until he pops, if he isn’t up.     Then sneak close to him on the mountain nearby, and tap him with a nuke.     Run like hell.     You get a whole bunch of pursuers but you run off all of them besides the bladehand, and then you should be OK.    It worked for me at least.

Got a surprise while jumping into the froglok pool – the “diving board” has been removed.     Now that’s a strange thing for the devs to have done.      Why put it there in the first place ?      And once we get used to using it, why remove it ?     Bah.     Came very close to dying on my surprise fall, but missed the rocks by a full 40 pixels I think so I’m good.   [sarcasm off]

I’m very glad to see auto-AFK finally making its way into the game.    If I sit still long enough, I now go AFK in-game, until I move.     This is useful for people who get called away from the game for long periods like me.     One problem : auto-AFK doesn’t work if you, yourself, set it.   

For example : Walk away from the PC and after a few minutes, you are AFK.     Walk back up to it, start moving, your AFK tag disappears.    However, if you type /afk, walk away, then walk back and start moving……… your AFK tag does not disappear.     Hope you’re listening Devs.

Made a trip with a guildy out to Blackburrow and ran through the Brell god-quest.     Very easy for anyone who’s pinked-out Blackburrow, just run around for awhile and you’re good.       Then talked my guildy into helping me with quests, and we headed to Everfrost.

Ah, Bloodrage.     The stories I have heard about the difficulty of this camp are apparently all true.      We ran back and forth between the two campfires killing all those frosthorns one after the other, and the rotten punk would just not spawn.        This isn’t an insignificant thing to do, either, clearing these camps.     Solo my DPS is low and that would make it very hard; even with a guardian to help, we ended up with no power after pulling everything and have to kill the last one or two with blows and my dog.

One and a half hours later we gave up.     I wasn’t ready to give, but my guildy was sick of it.      We did manage the other two named for the quest afterward; the Numbfoot you need was up so we walked over and killed him.     And Webclaw the ice goblin was a straightforward pop; kill a bunch of goblins, kill the next group that spawns, and he popped.        Now, just have to finish up perhaps the hardest camp in the game.

Also managed to finish the Tundra Terror quest, and progressed Girding Gunuuk by wasting the last of the arctic monitors; next step was to kill 40 bears.      Between our duo, and being solo after the guardian logged off, I managed to take out all of the bears.     I thought that would be it, but an even more fiendish set of kills awaits.    I now need to kill *80* of the elementals in the icy sea around Permafrost.     Eighty, for crying out loud.      These are level 47-ish ^^ pairs or ^^^’s inside of the murky water.     They’re grey, but they take a long time to kill.

I stopped after killing two and decided that would have to wait for another day.    Logged off on the icy stairway.     1017 quests – solidly in position #54.     Probably will move up a place after hitting 1028.



  1. Wow shooting up that quest list! And ugh.. I hate all those grey ^^^’s they seem to take forever to kill no matter what!

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