Posted by: mrrx | October 3, 2006

Pulling Problems

Tezcatlipocca : 36% XP.      Finished off my three Scaleborn Sentry writs and picked up another set.     The sentries are difficult because it’s so difficult to pull just one or two.       This seems to be the case with many things in Tenebrous Tangle.    

One way for me to make it happen, is to nuke a pair of them, and that brings another pair of friends.     I immediately run like hell until the second pair decides, “Ah forget it”, and thus I’m left with my one pair.      There are also a few spots I can pull them easy and I try to use those.     The warriors I just body pull along the path, and the stonesetters require careful timing or the run-off method.

I was very pleased with how well flying fish sell.     At 20 silver each I managed to sell quite a few.     And given how empty my bags seem to stay lately, there’s no reason for me not to pick up as many as I can lay my hands on.     I harvested a few hundred tonight and put a bunch of them up for sale.       A good fish pull (5) can net me one gold for the time it takes to harvest – not bad at all.

Did some turnins to the froglok mender, who was temporarily up, and then logged off.

Tlaloc : Ding 47 provisioner, 20% XP.   Made a good dent in that owlbear meat, and have over 100 owlbear casseroles cooked up.      Have another 300+ raws to go still.     I suspect I’m going to be selling a lot of those raws because Tlaloc will outlevel it, and selling the finished goods for a profit doesn’t happen that much.

Tlaloc has so many boxes filled with food it’s kind of silly.   I really should make more of an effort to sell things, and maybe I will – I’m at a good tier here (T5) where I can still gather everything easily and I suspect it will all sell.    Maybe I will cook it all up.     The problem, of course, is cooking things up takes away time from Tez and he’s in the quest competition game.


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