Posted by: mrrx | October 2, 2006

Pet Gorg ; Level 60

Tezcatlipocca : 23% XP.     Continued to work the repeatable quests in Tenebrous.     Ran into a snag when I jumped back down the waterfall to do turnins though – the froglok mender was missing.     Apparently, he can be captured by the Scaleborn, and will disappear until he is freed.      So I gave up on him and returned to town.

Bought a lot of collection items et cetera on the broker.     I now have a pet gorg – not that I have any idea what it does for me.     I guess it’s probably flavor which means I’ll ignore it.     I don’t really want two pets following me around unless they improve my combat.      Dinged 60 after dealing with the purchased items – and did it inside the Peat Bog to continue my silly “dinging in impossible places” thing.

Bought my spells for 59 and 60, but missed one.    I get a new Encounter Damage spell and I forgot to pick it up.     That’s because I was very focused on my Wrath of the Grey nuke.    This is clearly something I want a master for, and cost is not very important; yet, none were for sale.     Someone was selling the adept III for 1.5 plat; this improves my damage a fair amount.       My old Grey spell had a maximum two points lower than the minimum for the new Grey, at adept III.      So for that, do I want to pay that much plat ?     I decided not to, and a visit to the fence got me an adept I version for 13 gold instead.      I’m waiting for the master.

Now that I’m 60, I also get more options for writs.     Managed to secure three writs which are “kill Scaleborn Sentries” and plan to do just that.      Headed back to Tenebrous, did my turnins to the rescued froglok mender, then got more quests completed.      And the mender had disappeared again while I went out and killed the scaley ones.      Argh.    With that, decided I had had enough of Tez for awhile.

Quester #54 now; if I’m lucky I might move up another spot with just ten more quests.

Tlaloc : 75% XP.    Closing in on 47 provisioner.     Making many, many owlbear casseroles.

Ometochtli : Ding 8.     Have him wandering inside the graveyard knocking down the undead.      Still need more dings before I’m going to try the betrayal.



  1. ah the wonderful captured frogloks.. lol. They’re actually pretty easy to free– depending on if you’re in a group or not. My coercer had issues freeing the mendor and the surgeon up until level 68, the archeologist is very easy to free though all you have to do is kill the scaleborn sentry’s that line the path before him, and the two right beside him, and he’ll wander off back to his spot down in the froglok place. The surgeon and the mendor on the other hand, you have to clear their entire tree houses of all the sentry’s before respawns. I just didn’t have the dps for it.

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