Posted by: mrrx | September 29, 2006

One Thousand

Tezcatlipocca : 68% XP.    Finished off the Lamia quest, then headed to Runnyeye and completed one more book quest.       The Runneye book, thankfully, was nothing but common monsters so all I had to do was find them and kill them.

Afterwards, headed back to Qeynos for banking and selling.      I had 999 quests completed.      And, like every day that I got near a broker, I did a search for a cracked barbarian bone fragment.     Like every day, it felt like a waste of time.

Not today.     I bought one for 18 gold and at long last, finished this most irritating of bone quests.      Two bones left – one for the Iksar collection, and one for the weathered collection, and I’ll be done with bones.     Also bought items to complete the airship plating and cinder ore collections.      

And my talk with Mevros Stadrin put me over the hump of 1,000 quests.

There’s something very sweet about the combination there – I’ve been trying to get my 1000 quests forever, and have been searching in vain forever for the cracked barbarian bone fragment.      And that collection pushes me over the hump once completing it.     Ahhhh, my friends, that is a very satisfying feeling.

Headed out to Sinking Sands afterwards and took on the Sandscrawler goblins.     No, that’s not quite right.       I took on the many anonymous kill-stealer non-grouping, and suspected botting, players who were killing the Sandscrawlers.      No less than eight of us were out there, and after being ignored by six of them, one fellow was nice enough to form a group and thus helped me complete my quests much quicker.

It’s amazing how quickly some of them caught the mobs.     One guy sure looked like a bot because his speed was insane.     I wait for a spawn of goblins, watching nothing but their spawn spot.   A group of three goblins appear, and I quickly smack tab and a combat art.      Yet it didn’t matter – Mr. Bot managed to steal them from me any way.      It was certainly a different kind of challenge than I was used to – can you engage the mob before the next guy can ?      I won some and lost some, to everyone except Mr. Bot, and so have a hard time begrudging the others the whole experience.

What I can’t fathom is why none of them respond to any tells, and all refuse to group.      That gets your writs done quicker gents.

Having finished up with solo writs again, I went ahead and grabbed four group writs.      These send me out to the Living Tombs, a tough place for me at the moment but probably no big deal if I get into a group.      So with that, I went out to Tenebrous Tangle.

Killed the Herald of Dar to advance Burglars Afoot, gathered some dragon idols, and completed the Sunwalker quest.     Afterwards, I get an irritating message about finding a pyramid to get the next step in a series; I can’t start the quest till I find out what he meant.      Explored a little bit more on my first island, and finally found the Warriors that I need to kill for one of the froglok repeatable quests.      Managed to pull two instead of one and died – and that was my clue to log off and try again next time.

I am quester #55, tied with another fellow and four behind the next guy.      Getting to #55 puts me on the left side of the top questers list, which is nice and something I hope to preserve.      Crossing my fingers I can cement my place there tonight.



  1. Congradulations on the 1,000 mark!!

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